Explosive News: Big Bang Theory Birthdays

Big Bang Theory: Bazinga! Big! Bang! Birthdays!


Well, bust out the D&D and let’s party! Fans of Big Bang Theory have cause to celebrate this week. Not only did the hit CBS show get renewed for three more seasons, but two cast members have birthdays on the same day. On April 30th, Jason Galecki- a Taurus in the show and in real life- will turn 39, and Kunal Nayya will be 33. Wonder if they’ll celebrate by playing a halo marathon? Bazinga!


Galecki has been a TV star since 1987, when he won the hearts of us 90′s kids as David Healy on Roseanne. How lucky can a guy be to score another hit sitcom as Leonard Hofstadter? Kunal Nayya has plenty to fall back on in case this whole star-of-a-massively-successful-sitcom thing doesn’t pan out- he got his big break in 2007, just a year after getting his MFA from Temple University in Philadelphia.


Big Bang Theory: Gotta Love the Geeks

There have been shows about lovable geeks before, but by far the most successful in recent years has to be Big Bang Theory. The show is currently in its seventh season, which means in three short years, it will rise to the ranks to become one of only several American sitcoms to last through ten seasons. Now that’s an important benchmark. A 3-season renewal isn’t common, but Big Bang Theory is averaging almost 20 million viewers, and those numbers don’t lie: Big Bang Theory is officially TV’s most-watched comedy and top-rated among adults ages 18-49. The cast members are already making $350,000 an episode, and that has risen from $200,000 in 2011, so the cast could soon find themselves with quite the retirement fund. Now how do you say congratulations in Klingon?

For more on the Big Bang Theory check out the official CBS site:


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Ray Stephenson: Putting the Groove Back in Groovy Art

Visual artist Ray Stephenson is one of Zing Revolution’s newest licenses. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him. At Zing, music, film, and fine art mix and mingle in new and exciting ways on a daily basis. So Ray’s inimitable brand of musically inspired painting is a perfect pairing for our vision of vinyl skin driven individualism. Ray Stephenson’s art blends album cover and rock n roll poster design with a psychedelic vision that’s uniquely his own, making it the ultimate visual representation of music’s driving force: self-expression.

Ray Stephenson Art 7 Ray Stephenson Face

Today, Zing Celebrates our newest rebel (and Newsfeed 64 cover artist), Ray Stephenson, with a quick interview:

ZING: I’m interested in your process. Are there similarities between how you approach creating music and creating visual art? Since you started painting, do you find your visual work in dialogue with your music?Ray Stephenson: Several years ago a mentor of mine turned me on to the ancient book”Tao de Ching”  It really taught me how to naturally create and remain inside a creative state of “flow.” Like nature does. To flow downstream rather than rowing upstream so to speak. It really transformed my music and painting enormously. And yes I feel like my songs and my paintings both come from the same place inside…  I’ve even had songs inspire paintings and paintings inspire songsZ: Your work features some visual cues from rock n roll poster art and album covers. Was this a conscious decision or just the natural product of a life steeped in rock and country iconography?

RS: I got asked by some friends to do the Art for this rock club in Nashville TN called 12th and Porter.  I did about 7 paintings initially of rock and country icons. These then immediately began to sell and brought in a lot of commissions as well. So almost overnight I had a business painting Rock Stars. I then for 2 years I did all of the art for the Monsters of Rock Cruises which deepened my catalog of Rock icons. After painting rock star iconography for a couple years I started to get a little bored with the theme so I began to paint pin-up girls, guitars , tattoos and Native american and nature themes that would still fit under the whole “Rock and Roll” Umbrella

Ray Stephenson Guitar

Z: Beyond music, what inspires you to paint?

RS: I really enjoy the solitude. I think all artists really thrive on solitude to find their muse.

Z: How do you feel your painting represents you as an individual and artist?

RS: I still paint in a very similar ways to  the way I used to draw and doodle as a child. I’ve been amazed to look back through adolescent sketch books and see the same threads running through my work now as back then. I’m not exactly sure when or from where those threads originated. Whatever it is, it’s always been in me :)


I was told once that painting only what you love is where originality is fostered . Because we all see the world differently and love differently. Your expressions about these things will be yours only, therefore they will look like only you.


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New Signing: The Amazingly Colorful World of Artist Ray Stephenson

Ray Stephenson: Music and Fine Art Collide

Ray Stephenson Face

Visual artist Ray Stephenson is one of Zing Revolution’s newest licenses. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him. At Zing, music, film, and fine art mix and mingle in new and exciting ways on a daily basis. So Ray’s inimitable brand of aural-art inspired painting is a perfect pairing for our vision of vinyl skin driven individualism. Ray Stephenson’s art blends album cover and rock n roll poster design with a psychedelic vision that’s uniquely his own, making it the ultimate visual representation of music’s driving force: self-expression.

Ray Stephenson GuitarRay Stephenson Art 7

Ray Stephenson’s paintings have graced galleries and personal collections the world over. No stranger to artistic success, Ray’s impressive CV boasts numerous songwriting credits for illustrious artists like Willy Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Kris Kristofferson. Not to toot the man’s horn for him, but Mr. Stephenson has multiple Grammy nominated songs and a 2013 CCMA Songwriter of the Year award from the Canadian Country Music Awards. Indeed, Ray Stephenson’s “Leaning on a Lonesome Song” topped the Canadian Country charts for 5 weeks straight (not to mention its hit status in Europe).


Ray Stephenson: From Country Music Accolades to Fine Art Aficionados

But Ray Stephenson is hardly the kind of artist to be satisfied with the conquest of one medium. In 2009, Ray began channeling his artistic drive toward the visual sphere –and the results couldn’t be more breathtaking. Blending his passion for music into kaleidoscopic vision of visual beauty on canvas came naturally to Ray, and soon what had started as a hobby took on a life of its own. As of today, Ray Stephenson’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Atlanta, Nashville (natch), Las Vegas, and San Francisco…and, more recently, Zing Rebels’ phones, fridges, and other Zing-able accessories (which, you know, means just about anything and everything).


Ray Stephenson’s partnership with Zing is a match made in heaven: for years, Zing has been famous for putting musical groups as varied as One Direction and Dillinger Escape Plan on all shapes and sizes of vinyl skins…and Ray Stephenson is (as of 2009) has been renowned for putting rock, pop, and country artists on high-end canvases. Welcome to the Zing Revolution family, Ray. We’re happy to have you.

For more on Ray Stephenson’s fine art and music, check out his official website at:




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The Wang Report: April 19th 2014

Zing is Just Another Word for Suprise!

Gary Wang Report

It’s been an interesting week in more ways than one, and some stories are best saved for another day (you’ll have to wait with bated breath, Zing Rebels!). The highlight of the week was the death of King Joffrey, for all you Game of Throne fans out there.  The start of the series has proven rather exciting and with Joffrey’s demise so early in the season, one can’t help wondering what will happen next. The series has proven so popular that on season premier night the HBO Go online site crashed as it was inundated by fans wanting to watch the series opener.

Game of Thrones merch

The popularity of the series has proven to be a boon for our Game of Thrones content, with an ever increasing number of sales occurring through our various partner sites. The HBO online store is being updated with a host of new content and our own Zing and Zing Amazon store was just updated with new seasonal content.  We have been receiving fresh new content for many of our licenses in recent weeks, especially for the networks.  The NBC store with The Voice, TBS with Friends, Fox with Fringe and of course the HBO store with Game of Thrones.

Our retail store program is in the process of getting a whole new look and we’re starting with fresh packaging. Zing is adding new features and added bonuses that will entice customers to purchase the Zing for Life case + skin program. Next week we start meeting with retailers around the world, starting with Canada where we have our Incomm prepaid cards already in store.  We will be expanding our program to include the new Marvel custom program that will be launched this summer.

save da universecrash da comic

Partnering with Incomm, our prepaid gift card platform provider is proving to be mutually advantageous.  Peeling back the numerous silos within Incomm has shown that there are multiple synergistic opportunities waiting to be explored and grown.  As it may be, it turns out that they have a Marvel initiative in the works that we could work with in conjunction with our Marvel program. This is early stage and may not evolve until later this year, but based on early discussions we may be able to develop a symbiotic relationship on the launch of their program.  There are numerous other opportunities that are still in a nascent stage, but as Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca, “Louie (Incomm), I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


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The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Rings in 40 Years of Ramones Mania

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash:  Too Tough to Die

ramones happy birthdayramones joey and cat

Has it really been 14 years since we lost Joey Ramone? Since his passing over a decade ago, the iconic Ramones singer has been memorialized on his birthday by his brother (and longest running fan) Mickey Leigh. This year marks a very special birthday celebration for punk rock’s founding father: 2014 is the 40th anniversary of The Ramones, punk rock’s first –and best—band. So this year, Mr. Leigh and co are celebrating the beloved Ramone’s birthday with a special tribute to the band that literally and figuratively made Joey’s name. We have no doubt the 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday bash is going to be extra special for it.

ramones joey stage

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash: Gabba Gabba Hey!

This year, The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash features famous punks and family alike in an onstage tribute to the man whose music saw many the young punk through those awkward years (and beyond), and whose take-your-faults-and-make-them-strengths philosophy continues to define the punk attitude. The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Stage will feature The Joey Ramone Tribute Band (with former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Mickey Leigh, and Cheetah Chrome, among others). Joey’s tribute band share the stage with a who’s who of punk rock players: The A-Bones, Gobshites, and the Independents are among the bands signed to play, with plenty more surprises waiting in the wings.

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash will celebrate the 63rd birthday of the world’s most beloved punk May 17th at the Bowery Electric (right around the corner from the storefront formerly known as CBGBs). This annual event is notoriously fun and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate a man whose music continues to resonate with soulful outcasts the world over.Be there or be square.


For more on the 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, check out Joey’s official Facebook page:


For more on Joey Ramone:





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Enter the Game of Thrones: All Men Must Cruise

Crystal Cruises Announces a Game of Thrones Cruise Package

GOT Cast

Looking to spice up your British Isles cruise? Not enough action, adventure, and fantastical Dragon-fueled political intrigue in your life? Crystal Cruises feels your pain. That’s why, once winter has come and gone, Crystal Cruises is offering a special “Enter the Game of Thrones” up-charge to their already illustrious tour packages. Starting August 24th, adventurous Game of Thrones (Cruise) fans will be able to step off the boat and tour locations from the revered HBO drama. Always wanted to go to Winterfell, the Lannister and Stark encampments, and other iconic locations from Game of Thrones first two seasons, whilst learning the ins and outs of archery and the basics of digital set design? Welcome aboard the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise, brave traveler.

Crystal Cruises Logo

Enter the Game of Thrones: Paying the Iron Price

You won’t even have to pay the Iron Price to board the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise. A mere $289 (per guest) up charge buys you and yours a day of strolling the Castle Ward and Estate in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough, home to multiple castles which are, honestly, pretty spectacular in their own right, Game of Thrones connection or no. Indeed, there’s a lot to lose your head over with the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise. Get your swords ready, y’all. Winter has come and gone. It’s time to cruise.


For more on the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise check out Crystal Cruise’s official website:


For more exciting Game of Thrones updates:


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The 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade Gets Takei’d

Once Again, George Takei Boldly Goes Where No Star Trek Alumni Has Gone Before

George Takei graphic

For most of his career George Takei wasn’t a household name (outside a Trekkie household that is). Indeed, Takei was a working actor mostly known as the original Star Trek’s Sulu. But all that changed in 2005 when Takei officially came out in an interview with revered LGBT magazine Frontiers. Since then, Mr. George Takei has been a prominent LGBT activist and, famously, recreated his public image for the internet age, working extensively with internet staples like Funny or Die and maintaining a hilariously informative online presence with an unbeatable personal website and Facebook feed. Indeed, much like fellow Enterprise alumni Patrick Stewart, late career George Takei is probably better known for his quirky online presence than his time spent boldly going where no man has gone before.

George Takei_Star TrekMS-TREK60415

That’s why the news that Takei will be Grand Marshal at the 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade has us tickled…well, pink. Takei is sure to bring a joyous element of surprise to his role in Ohio’s big Pride Fest and Parade, as he continues making gay rights activism look like the most fun anyone can have.

Social Star Awards Day-1

The Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade has been celebrating diversity since 1981. But this is the first year they’ve had a Grand Marshal of Takei’s caliber. We’re looking forward to some awesome viral video of our favorite Enterprise crew member to hit YouTube after George Takei marshals the parade to glorious, joyous Takei-level heights June 20th.

columbus pride logo

For more on the 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade visit their official website at:


For more on The Grand Mr. George Takei:


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