The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Rings in 40 Years of Ramones Mania

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash:  Too Tough to Die

ramones happy birthdayramones joey and cat

Has it really been 14 years since we lost Joey Ramone? Since his passing over a decade ago, the iconic Ramones singer has been memorialized on his birthday by his brother (and longest running fan) Mickey Leigh. This year marks a very special birthday celebration for punk rock’s founding father: 2014 is the 40th anniversary of The Ramones, punk rock’s first –and best—band. So this year, Mr. Leigh and co are celebrating the beloved Ramone’s birthday with a special tribute to the band that literally and figuratively made Joey’s name. We have no doubt the 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday bash is going to be extra special for it.

ramones joey stage

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash: Gabba Gabba Hey!

This year, The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash features famous punks and family alike in an onstage tribute to the man whose music saw many the young punk through those awkward years (and beyond), and whose take-your-faults-and-make-them-strengths philosophy continues to define the punk attitude. The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Stage will feature The Joey Ramone Tribute Band (with former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Mickey Leigh, and Cheetah Chrome, among others). Joey’s tribute band share the stage with a who’s who of punk rock players: The A-Bones, Gobshites, and the Independents are among the bands signed to play, with plenty more surprises waiting in the wings.

The 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash will celebrate the 63rd birthday of the world’s most beloved punk May 17th at the Bowery Electric (right around the corner from the storefront formerly known as CBGBs). This annual event is notoriously fun and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate a man whose music continues to resonate with soulful outcasts the world over.Be there or be square.


For more on the 2014 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, check out Joey’s official Facebook page:

For more on Joey Ramone:




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Enter the Game of Thrones: All Men Must Cruise

Crystal Cruises Announces a Game of Thrones Cruise Package

GOT Cast

Looking to spice up your British Isles cruise? Not enough action, adventure, and fantastical Dragon-fueled political intrigue in your life? Crystal Cruises feels your pain. That’s why, once winter has come and gone, Crystal Cruises is offering a special “Enter the Game of Thrones” up-charge to their already illustrious tour packages. Starting August 24th, adventurous Game of Thrones (Cruise) fans will be able to step off the boat and tour locations from the revered HBO drama. Always wanted to go to Winterfell, the Lannister and Stark encampments, and other iconic locations from Game of Thrones first two seasons, whilst learning the ins and outs of archery and the basics of digital set design? Welcome aboard the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise, brave traveler.

Crystal Cruises Logo

Enter the Game of Thrones: Paying the Iron Price

You won’t even have to pay the Iron Price to board the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise. A mere $289 (per guest) up charge buys you and yours a day of strolling the Castle Ward and Estate in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough, home to multiple castles which are, honestly, pretty spectacular in their own right, Game of Thrones connection or no. Indeed, there’s a lot to lose your head over with the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise. Get your swords ready, y’all. Winter has come and gone. It’s time to cruise.


For more on the “Enter the Game of Thrones” cruise check out Crystal Cruise’s official website:

For more exciting Game of Thrones updates:

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The 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade Gets Takei’d

Once Again, George Takei Boldly Goes Where No Star Trek Alumni Has Gone Before

George Takei graphic

For most of his career George Takei wasn’t a household name (outside a Trekkie household that is). Indeed, Takei was a working actor mostly known as the original Star Trek’s Sulu. But all that changed in 2005 when Takei officially came out in an interview with revered LGBT magazine Frontiers. Since then, Mr. George Takei has been a prominent LGBT activist and, famously, recreated his public image for the internet age, working extensively with internet staples like Funny or Die and maintaining a hilariously informative online presence with an unbeatable personal website and Facebook feed. Indeed, much like fellow Enterprise alumni Patrick Stewart, late career George Takei is probably better known for his quirky online presence than his time spent boldly going where no man has gone before.

George Takei_Star TrekMS-TREK60415

That’s why the news that Takei will be Grand Marshal at the 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade has us tickled…well, pink. Takei is sure to bring a joyous element of surprise to his role in Ohio’s big Pride Fest and Parade, as he continues making gay rights activism look like the most fun anyone can have.

Social Star Awards Day-1

The Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade has been celebrating diversity since 1981. But this is the first year they’ve had a Grand Marshal of Takei’s caliber. We’re looking forward to some awesome viral video of our favorite Enterprise crew member to hit YouTube after George Takei marshals the parade to glorious, joyous Takei-level heights June 20th.

columbus pride logo

For more on the 2014 Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade visit their official website at:

For more on The Grand Mr. George Takei:

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Star Trek Live in Concert: Where No Trekkie has Gone Before

Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness to Tour with Live Orchestra

Star Trek Live

Taking a cue from Lord of the Rings, J.J. Abrams’ two Star Trek reboots are getting the live symphony orchestra treatment. Kicking off in late May, the Star Trek Live in Concert series features an orchestra accompaniment to Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. While we know your phasers are set to “stunned” over news of the Star Trek Live tour, please have a slug of your Warnog and keep calm: Star Trek Live in Concert tour doesn’t hit America until July, when the Houston Symphony will accompany Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness for two consecutive dates.

Star Trek Live 2

Until then, dedicated Trekkies will have to travel to Europe to get a taste of what is sure to be the hottest Trek ticket this side of NYC Comic Con. But we won’t blame you for hopping on a Starship and heading to Switzerland for Star Trek Live’s inaugural night: having seen what a live orchestra can do for sci fi/fantasy films with the Fellowship of the Ring in Concert, we can attest to the amazing presence that a live accompaniment lends the silver screen. Plus, anything for another chance to catch the Star Trek reboots in a theater, right?


For more on the Star Trek Live in Concert series, check out the official site:

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The Wang Report: Monday April 14th 2014

Zing It! Japanese Retailers Going Ga Ga for 1D iPhone


The week started off well: an order from a Japanese retailer for our One Direction license.  They selected a variety of new images of the boys from the Midnight Madness album release for the iPhone 5 coupled with the clear cases.  It seems that to be au courant you need to have the latest and best device, and in Japan it’s the Apple iPhone 5. The phone is the number one fashion accessory for girls and they like to customize it as much as possible.

Interestingly enough, the retailer is also interested in our Universal skins (credit card skins) program but in Japan this particular demographic do not have credit cards but have IC (integrated circuit) cards that hold value on the card and are used for payment for transportation, goods, etc.  The cards can be customized using our Universal skins and do not require a cutout space for the credit card numbers, plus the full surface area can be utilized. It will be interesting to see how this program might be adopted by Japanese teens.

cameron zing rebelcameron

3D Printing…and ZING?!

As part of our Marvel “Crash the Comics” program, we will be offering numerous products to our offerings for superhero customization.  One of the more interesting products that we are in the process of evaluating is to offer customized 3D printed sculptures.  This was inspired by the Cooper/Kripke Inversion episode of The Big Bang Theory where Raj has an action figure created of his likeness.

little dudelittle dude 2

I met with a 3D printing company in NY last week and saw some of the amazing detail that can go into these sculptures. 3D printing has evolved in just a few short years and different types of raw materials can be used.  The best medium I saw used that could offer the level of detail required was colored sandstone.  Now imagine this as a Captain America figurine with your image on it.

We will definitely be exploring how we can implement this into our product offerings. Stay posted!

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has Dropped…Ready to Get Yours Zinged!?

Smart Phone Aficionados Rejoice: Your Galaxy S5 has Arrived

Galaxy S5 Premiere

Samsung’s eagerly anticipated Galaxy S5 was released on April 11th, and we’ve been hearing nothing but glowing reviews of the flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S5’s ergonomic, grippy new design features a dimpled surface and larger, more solid feeling construction –great for flashing in a crowd without worrying about a fumble. It also comes with standard waterproofing, which we love (and not just because we tend to text while doing dishes). As we’re sure you already know, the Galaxy S5 also comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasant colors: Shiny black, blue, gold, and white with a faux metal trim give the Galaxy S5 a modern-yet-classic style that’s sure to give your look a sci-fi touch well through the coming months (or until, you know, Apple or someone releases a consumer-ready Phaser chassis for the iPhone.)

Galaxy S5 In Hand

Oh, and there’s tons of cool new technology inside the Galaxy S5. Really, if we weren’t such Luddites, we’d tell you all about it. But let’s be honest here: We’re just pasty writers holed up in the Zing laboratory devoting our mental energy to the latest trends in vinyl skin manufacturing.  We could pick up the rotary phone (land line, of course) and call you, but there’s nothing we could tell you about the Galaxy S5’s technology that you don’t already know.

Taylor Swift_Red s5Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S5 Active and Zing: You Are Iron Man

That said, we’re super excited about a rumored rugged Galaxy S5 model, the Galaxy S5 Active. Rugged stuff is cool: We’re typing this on a rugged computer right now, actually, and we’d like to report that the rugged body of this particular laptop looks like something that Tony Stark would use. And that makes life a lot better. Trust us. While we don’t know what the new Galaxy S5 Active will look like, we do know that, if it doesn’t make you feel like Iron Man, we’ve got the perfect solution: A Zing Skin.

In fact, even if your ambition doesn’t involve fighting crime with a modern hand held device, a Zing Skin on your Galaxy S5 (or laptop or refrigerator, or etc.) can bring you into a new world of possibilities. Want to feel closer to One Direction, or Lemmy from Motorhead? We can do this for you, we can put them on your Galaxy S5. Feel the need to show how much you love Miles Regis’ inimitable art? We can get you a custom skin of that too. And with our customizer tool, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your life.

…Sorry. We got carried away there for a second…See what happens when a Zing Rebel writes about the Samsung Galaxy S5? We just can’t stop thinking about Zing Revolution skins over here!

For more on the Samsung Galaxy S5:

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Get Simple: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man Cruise Announces its Final Round

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.33.07 PM

A Simple Man Cruise: One More Year of the Simple Life

That’s right, this year marks your last chance to live the simple life aboard Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man Cruise. The venerable southern rock stars have announced that, after 8 years of entertaining fans in the Sixthman Cruise Line’s most authentically southern fried musical getaway, they’re calling it quits. But don’t take three steps to the door just yet, mister! This Simple Man Cruise is slated to be the best one yet. So fans of deep fried classic rock (and exotic beaches) will get their money’s worth, and then some.


Simple Man Cruise: A Free Bird Sailing into the Sunset

The 2014 Simple Man Cruise has an impressive lineup that’s sure to sail into the history books: Blackberry Smoke, the Devon Allman Band, Foghat, Starship, Mickey Thomas, The Band of Heathens, Lukas Nelson & P.O.T.R., and Preacher Stone are among the acts already signed to set sail aboard the Norwegian Perl November 16th, and more exciting groups are sure to get shanghaied between now and then. Plus, in a Simple Man Cruise first, Lynyrd Skynyrd will play a headlining gig on the sandy beach of Stirrup Cay for an audience already primed by the Simple Man Cruise’s rock camp revelry, 15 decks of rock n roll excitement, 13 bars, pools, spas, and elbowing with rock star royalty. Indeed, there’s so much going down on board the Simple Man Cruise, there’s plenty of fun for all…but don’t worry. As Skynyrd will keep this simple.


For more on the Simple Man Cruise:

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