New Year, New eDevice Skins!

We’re back! And I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years celebration! I know ZING Revolution certainly did AND we have tons of new stuff for you to cover your stuff with. That means new images for all your edevices, and lots of them…

Smithsonian – We have a brand new body of Smithsonian images that will take you back in time and all over the world. From various types of butterflies to ancient dinosaur fossils, we’ve got a Smithsonian skin for all you history buffs!

Fashion Has Heart – With proceeds supporting and benefiting the wounded heroes who have sacrificed for the American freedoms we couldn’t find a better non-profit to back. Our Fashion Has Heart collection adds new images designed by wounded soldiers themselves.

Bev Hogue – Artist Bev Hogue has brought a whole new meaning to being “blue” in her collection of art showcasing powerful, tattoo-clad, super hot blue women, and I have to say I’m a huge fan of Bev’s style.

Game of Thrones- Now I know that everyone is going crazy waiting for the Game of Thrones season 3 premier, but you’ve still got a few more months (ugh, bummer I know) so we thought we would make the time pass a little quicker with brand new images including the lovely Daenerys.

Where The Wild Things Are – Now this has to be in almost everyone’s top 10 favorite children’s books. Where The Wild Things will never get old and the new images we have are perfect for anyone at any age.

There’s way more where these came from, so what are you waiting for? Head over to and see ALL of our skins!

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