WIRED Store Launch Party

While we spent most of our week celebrating the launch of ZING, our production team spent more of their week working their butts off to skin the entire two floors of this years Wired Pop Up Holiday Store located at 583 Broadway right in the heart of SoHo in New York City. And when I say “skinned” the walls, I mean floor to ceiling, of the entire venue.

This is just one of the smaller skinned walls that had to be smooth out and laid down on the wall of the venue.

So before I go into anything else about ZING and Wired and the launch party that happened Thursday night before the store was open to the public, I want to thank and congratulate our entire production team for dedicating hours and hours and a few sleepless nights to make the Wired store look amazing and help put the ZINGRevolution name on the map!

Now there were all kinds of innovative, one of a kind gadgets that were unveiled at the Wired Store launch like “No Place Like Home” Shoes because who wouldn’t want a GPS in their shoes? Other cool gadgets at the Wired Store are the Happiness Machine, which prints out random happy thoughts from all over the world.

The Incase exhibit. I'm betting skinning those stairs was no easy task!

Oh, and of course the one of a kind ZING skins. You can find any skin to suit exactly who you are for all of your own gadgets at our Wired booth. Our exhibit is interactive with laptops and iPads all skinned showcasing our website and our customizer tool for everyone to play with!

Justin showing off the ZING Exhibit

I spent the party socializing and social media-ing, as always. You can find all of out tweets and instagramed pictures of the night @ZINGRevolution using the hashtag #zingrev. And trust me, there are a bunch considering we were in the company of all who matter in the gadget world, along with Dj ?uestlove who DJed the event (that John will talk about in his blog on the party!)

I was caught in the act, always tweeting all the time!

Now look out for a couple more blogs talking about the Wired store and make sure to go check it out for yourself if you are in New York City. It will be up until December 23rd! SO go check out the ZING booth and all of the rest of the cool electronics displayed at the pop up store.

And now see ya! From a very small portion of the ZING team!

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