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This Week on Dexter: I Can’t Believe The Season Finale is Sunday!

If you aren’t yet caught up to last week’s episode of Dexter I would suggest you stop reading now unless you don’t mind knowing some spoilers!

This week’s episode was centered around Christmas…although there wasn’t a lot of festivities since Dexter was very interested in getting LaGuerta to think that Doakes really was the Bay Harbor Butcher while at the same time trying to capture Hector Estrada, one of the men involved in the murder of Dexter’s mother.

This is too adorable! I really want to see Hannah in Dexter's future next season.

Perhaps one of the most shocking turn of events in this episode had to do with Deb, who nearly died in a car accident after she supposedly accidentally took too many of her anti-anxiety medication. However Deb claims that isn’t the case and instead turns to Hannah as the culprit of the accident. Hannah did visit Deb the night before her accident – however I just don’t think that she was interested in trying to kill Deb. Especially not after giving Dexter a picture of the two of them together for Christmas. Hannah seems totally focused on a future with Dexter – and killing his sister doesn’t seem like the way to achieve what she wants. But I don’t know if I Deb would actually put herself in harm’s way just to prove that Hannah is bad for Dexter.

Could Hannah responsible for Deb's accident?

A lot has happened on this season of Dexter that has been totally out there and caused me to scream at my TV. At first I thought that Isaak would be the main villain in this season but now that he’s out of the picture it seems like LaGuerta has taken hold of that position. A few seasons back who would’ve thought that she would end up becoming Dexter’s nemesis? But apparently she could be the one who brings about Dexter’s downfall since she’s unrelenting and won’t let go of investigating him!

LaGuerta really needs to just stop probing into Dexter’s life! Or she may just end up on his table…

I am totally shocked that LaGuerta purposely made sure Estrada went free  so she could find out for sure if Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher if he went after him. I did not see that coming! That’s some cunning stuff right there. If I wasn’t so mad at her for tricking Dexter I would think she was seriously clever! It’s a good thing Dexter was able to get away and not get caught by the police…but now Estrada’s free and knows that Dexter is after him.

And of course there was more drama thrown into the second to last episode of this season when Dexter found out that Deb’s anti-anxiety medication was indeed in the water bottle she had been drinking. Do you think that Deb poisoned herself on purpose? I mean clearly it was no accident that her medication ended up in her water bottle. Was it really Hannah who did it? I just don’t think she did. But I really hope we actually find out the truth behind what happened. Especially since Dexter decided to make sure Hannah was put behind bars since he believes that she tried to harm Deb! Things aren’t looking so bright for Dexter and Hannah’s future.

So are you totally excited for this upcoming Sunday to see the new episode like I am? Let us know what you think will happen on the season finale of Dexter at our Twitter and Facebook!

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