Say Walesca in Polish!

Hello fellow tellurian, my name is Walesca Ambroise. I have a Polish name and I’m 0% Polish, as far as I know. I’m a 19 year old Arian formulated on April the 7th of 1993 and I came to Brooklyn from Brentwood, Long Island, but I’m originally from Brooklyn to study Communication Studies at Pace University and I freakishly love it here. I love being active and getting to know inconsistent aspects of life. I’ve traveled all over the Caribbean with my Mommy dearest and my younger sister. Together we’ve been to the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Key West, Bermuda, St. Martin, St. Thomas and Mexico, etc.

Summer of 2012 I went to Dominican Republic on my own for a service trip and stayed in the mountains where there was no running water, electricity and things that we in U.S use that we don’t even realize how important are to us. Simple things like crayons and coloring books and one pair of shoes were a blessing to the children we taught in the school that our organization built. Not only did we build a grade school and a high school but we brought some generators for the electricity poles we put together, clothing, food and money. That was one of my most frustrating yet greatest accomplishments as well as a memory of a lifetime. In the future I wish to visit the rest of the globe but for now I will continue finding my way around NYC without asking Google first.

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