Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 = My Guilty Pleasure

I am not a screaming teenage obsessed with Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.  I am not very concerned whether Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson kiss and make up in real life.  I don’t particularly love the whole commercial obsession with Vampires in our western pop culture these days, though I have to say I also find True Blood and Vampire Diaries and even back in the day Buffy the Vampire slayer utterly campy and fun to watch so maybe I do love the whole Vampires as pop icons thing…. I do hate the sight of blood, real blood that is.

There is just something about these Twilight movies I can’t resist; same for the books which I admit I have read more than once.  Maybe it’s because of my intense job and travel schedule I just need an escape from the stress.  Maybe it is because my main home is in the greater Seattle area where me and my family live in a beautiful old growth forest area thus seeing gorgeous visual shots of the Pacific Northwest rainforest just make me happy.

Whatever it is, I truly love the Twilight movies and I think Breaking Dawn Part 2 is right up there with one of the best in the series.  Though Kristen Stewart in the previous movies is an utter helpless klutz, in this Twilight finale as a newborn vampire Kristen Bell is better than Xenon warrior princess and Superwoman combined.  I was kind of prepped for the new and empowered Kristen Bell, the actress. from seeing her lead the forces against evil in Snow White and the Huntsman this past summer.  She has a pretty consistent pursed lip in her “look of determination.”

Rob Pattinson’s Edward Cullen continues to play the pained love struck vampire who because super strong vampire fighter when challenged – no surprises there.  Likewise seeing Taylor Lautner’s Jacob slash very large wolf dog character completely imprint on the baby slash young girl daughter of Edward and Bella – Renesme is heartwarming – all girls deserve to have their big puppy for life.

But my hero on Breaking Dawn Part 2 is definitely Ashley Greene’s character Alice Cullen who is most definitely the hero in the finale of the Twilight series.  True to the book, the character of Alice comes through at the end in a brilliant twist on the plot which I won’t spoil here.  Ms. Greene is stunningly powerful and beautiful and brilliant in this Twilight finale and I fully recommend getting out there this holiday season and enjoying the guilty pleasure of the Twilight Finale Breaking Dawn Part 2.  It does not disappoint.

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