‘True Blood’ Season 6: New Series Regular Comes To Bon Temps

True Blood fans still have quite a long ways to go before they are allowed to enter Bon Temps once more. Though there is no official date for Season 6 to start, we’re pretty sure that some time in June is the best bet. This week, new show runner Mark Hudis sent out a casting call for a brand new character — and she’s going to be a major player in the 10-episode season on HBO.

The True Blood team are looking for a Caucasian actress in her early 20s to play Nicole Jannsen. Her character will be a “do gooder” on the Tv series. Nicole is very idealistic, which can be very dangerous at times.

Nicole is a member of well-meaning liberal advocates. The members model themselves after the civil rights activist Freedom Riders of the 1960s, a group of protestors who rode buses from state to state, challenging segregation between the races and the Jim Crow laws.

One thing that fans can count on is that there will be no hidden agenda to Nicole. Nicole is “A true bleeding heart,”Nicole is “not at all concerned with money; she’s concerned the common good and doing what’s right… Life hasn’t beaten her down yet.”

True Blood fans! Who do you think should play Nicole Jannsen in this season of True Blood?

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