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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Will REUNITE …

Imagine a public breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your job demands that you two have to interact. Infront of thousands of live viewers. And maybe millions over the internet and television. Well, now it is reported that Taylor Swift & Harry Styles will reunite …


and are getting back together? Oh, the irony of the music industry. It is now reported that Taylor Swift will join One Direction on stage at the 2013 BRIT Awards, which is set to air on February 20. Interesting … This is like back in high school when the popular jock and his ex-girlfriend, captain of the cheerleading team end up sitting in the same lunch table! Talk about a hell of an awkward moment. Are they going to be sharing dirty looks? Are they going to be on different ends of the stage? Maybe they’ll have a touching moment singing together and they get back together and fall in love again. I’m not really sure, but this is some reality TV, Love & Hip Hop on VH1 type of drama. I’m sure they’ll both be in their best behavior, but anything, I mean anything can happen when Taylor Swift & Harry Styles reunite.

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