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Tattoo Tuesday: Zayn Malik

Today’s Tattoo Tuesday continues to follow our special week filled with One Direction in celebration of the band joining the Z!NG family! Welcome boys, who wants to serenade me every night? A few weeks ago, I dedicated a TT to Harry Styles, 1D’s leading Brit with the voice of an angel. But Harry isn’t the only member with an extensive list of tattoos covering his bod; Zayn Malik is in close competition with his mate!

Zayn's Arabic tattoos

Zayn has 8 tattoos covering his perfect, perfect body. His first, a yin yang symbol on the side of his arm. This ancient Chinese symbol represents how everything works. The circle is ‘everything’, and the black and white represents the yin and yang energies which cause everything to happen. In essence, you can’t have white happen without a little black and vice versa.

The next tat is crossed fingers on his forearm, representing good luck. One side of his chest holds his grandfather’s name, Walter, in Arabic. On the other side, an Arabic inscription saying be true to who you are.

On the side of his ribs, Zayn has a playing card tattoo. Inside is a crown with his initials. Continuing with his good luck theme, this cutie has silver fern on the back of his neck, representing good luck in New Zealand.

Zayn's tattoo: before and after

Looks like Zayn had a mishap when he got a chinese inscription saying born lucky; he covered up this one with a simple heart near his hip bone. Finally, his latest tattoo features a huge microphone on the inside of his arm when he was in LA.

What do you think of Zayn’s tattoos? Love them? Hate them? Send us comments on Twitter or Facebook to let us know! And don’t forget to bling out your gear with One Direction skins if you love the boys as much as we do!

Photo Source: Squidoo

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