Tattoo Tuesday: Top 5 Awesome Pink Floyd Tattoos!

This week’s Tattoo Tuesday features a classic band, Pink Floyd. Now this band has one of the greatest and most devoted followings of all time, with fans constantly inking themselves to show just how much they love this band. Searching the net, I found some of the greatest Pink Floyd tattoos out there and made my Top 5 list.

Pink Floyd Prism & Wall Tattoo

5. This tattoo captures the essential items that we know Pink Floyd for. The Wall, one of their most well known songs, and the Dark Side Of The Moon logo are just so well designed in this tattoo. Kudos to the artist who drew this out.

4. Although I’m not a fan of neck tattoos unless someone is completely covered in tats all over their body, this one caught my eye and showed me just how much passion this guy must have for this band. It’s very simple, but captures this dude’s love and devotion for his favorite band.

Pink Floyd Neck Tattoo

3. Full sleeve tattoos dedicated to certain artists or passions really get to me. It shows that only a true fan would completely cover their arm with tattoos dedicated to a specific subject. This piece is so bright and colorful, and just so very well drawn out.

#3 Pink Floyd Sleeve Tattoo

2. Black and white tattoos hold a special place in my heart. It makes the art just that much more meaningful, and this guy’s piece is so beautifully shaded that it makes it look like a masterpiece. Love it.

Pink Floyd Black & White Sleeve Tattoo
#1 Pink Floyd Sleeve Tattoo

1. My favorite in this list. The colors here are absolutely phenomenal, and almost every symbol that Pink Floyd is known for is captured in this piece. Seriously dude, hope you have your tattoo artist a really good tip for this one!

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