Tattoo Tuesday: The Gossip Girl Cast!

After last night’s epic conclusion of Gossip Girl, I just had to profile the stars on Tattoo Tuesday. First off, who would’ve thought after all these years that (SPOILER ALERT) DAN was Gossip Girl? Definitely didn’t see that one coming… But the series finale was definitely a great way to send off Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck into a grown up world. So long guys, it’s been an amazing six years!

Leighton Meester

We start off our segment with Miss Serena van der Woodsen herself, Blake Lively. Surprisingly, Mrs. Reynolds doesn’t have any body ink of her own; although she

was spotted around New York City back in 2011 with tattoos while filming Savages. She assured the press that they were only temporary.

Next we have Queen B, Leighton Meester. Unlike her on screen best friend, Leighton has a few tattoos that she has sported for quite some time now. She has a tattoo on her wrist of a purple flower which she says she got after filming with her best friend in 2008.

Next up, the ever delicious Chace Crawford. Sadly, this hunk doesn’t have any tattoos either, but he did sport some temporary ones for GQ Magazine in 2010. He said in the interview he doesn’t have any and isn’t sure if he’d get any because he would probably get addicted. Join the dark side, Chace; get a tattoo.. we all know you’d look incredible with some.

Penn Badgley

Next up, Dan Humphrey. Penn Badgley has had a small piece of my heart since his appearance as The Other Tucker in John Tucker Must Die. This past summer, Penn was seen sporting a feather tattoo on his right calf. I’m a sucker for a good feather tattoo, so you can imagine how my heart fluttered when I caught a glimpse of that. The best part? It closely resembles a tattoo that Ed Westwick has on his arm. Secret relationship, anyone? What would their ship name be? Ped? Enn? Ped Westley? YES.

Finally, we examine the British babe and most tatted babe of the show, Ed Westwick. As stated before, he has a feather tattoo on his arm. He also has a tattoo on his shoulder of a topless woman (which his mom disproves of) with the words ‘You Make Me Feel Like the One’ on top. Being a big fan of Elvis Presley, Ed has ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ tattooed on his chest. He also has ‘I Heart Romance’ tattooed on his other arm with ’21G’ on top of that. ’21G’ refers to 21 grams, the presumed weight of the human soul. All very lovely tattoo ideas, if I do say so myself.

Was this all just an excuse to post shirtless Ed Westwick photos. Maybe.

So there you have it, kids. We here at Z!NG are so sad to see Gossip Girl from our lives, but we promise to keep you guys updated on all things GG! Be sure to keep updated through our Twitter and Facebook to make sure you catch all the latest news. You know you love me, xoxo.

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