Tattoo Tuesday: Cassadee Pope

If you don’t know the name of Miss Pope yet, you will in a couple of weeks. Following the success of her band, Hey Monday, Cassadee is in the works to start off her own solo career with Team Blake on The Voice. She is what you would consider as lightly tatted up, with an intricate tattoo piece on her right arm.

Cassadee's Arm Piece Tattoo

Cassadee’s gradually worked on this piece, starting off with a small blue bird with music notes coming out of it’s mouth. The reason? Her love of birds and music, obviously! Her next tattoo was a small yellow happy face in commemoration of her late grandfather and the day that Hey Monday got signed to their first record label.

On the other side of the same arm, Cassadee has a banner with the initials BND (Believers Never Die), representing her tour with Fall Out Boy back in 2009, a memory she hold very close to her heart. Her tattoo is constantly being worked on, only taking place on her right arm. What do you guys think of Cassadee Pope’s work? Like it? Are you following her journey on The Voice? Tweet us @ZingRevolution or like us on Facebook to leave your comments!

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