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Tattoo Tuesday: Bobby Pysar!

Bobby Pysar is a friend of mine who is currently hustling and bustling with our friends in I See Stars. Back when Z!NG was still known as MusicSkins, we toured with him and the guys of I See Stars on the AP Tour! As their tour manager, Bobby is always surrounded by amazing bands and is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet! This Tattoo Tuesday is dedicated to him!

Bobby has a numerous amount of tattoos, so he definitely knows a thing or two about the culture… I was able to ask him about his own tattoos, his opinion on tattoo culture, and how life on the road is with I See Stars!

When I asked Bobby what some of his most meaningful tattoos, he got personal with his answer. “I have my sons Initials, V.I.P, tattooed on me. Also, I have my mom’s full name written on me in Hiragana, a form of Japanese writing. These tattoos are special to me. How cute! He elaborated on his connection with Japan. “I received 90% of my tattoos in Okinawa, Japan because I was stationed there in the military and that’s the reason I started getting tattoos. They had so many tattoo shops on the outside of my base and it was common for military people to get tattoos so I started at 18 and never stopped since. I’m 25 now and completely covered from head to toe, I only have my neck and legs from knee down to ankle left.” 

This is just a sample of what Bobby has all over his body!

Moving on, I asked or some of the meanings behind some of his favorite tattoos. He kept it down to a minimum since he has so many! “I really like diamonds so I have many of them tattooed on me. I believe in conspiracies and Aliens so I have many of those tattoos on my right sleeve. My left arm sleeve is dedicated to music solely and it includes bands I have toured with or bands I love. My right arm is dedicated to conspiracies and Aliens ect… I have both my Palms tattooed and I have an Alien head on my right palm with “BELIEVE!” tattooed inside it.On the inside of my fingers I have tattooed ” I Love My Life’ with a UFO symbol. I have a heart tattooed on my other palm with Fatality tattooed on the inside of my fingers and also a skull. I have a Drop Dead kitty tattooed on my left foot and a friends drawing on my right foot.

One of Bobby's many alien tats!

Since he has so many tattoos, I asked Bobby what his first tattoo was… if he could remember after 7 years! “My first tattoo ever was a Japanese Kanji Symbol on my right arm meaning Valor. I later named my son Valor. I honestly never expected to have this many tattoos by now hahaha” Such a great name and first tattoo!

I wanted an estimated number of the tattoos that Bobby had because seriously, this guy is covered head to toe! “I have over 300 tattoos right now. Seriously have this many due to the style I get them in, I leave spaces in between each one of my tattoos. It’s a style I kinda created on my own.” When you meet him in person, it’s the coolest experience to take them all in! I also asked Bobby what future tattoos he plans on getting. “I hope to get another Nirvana tattoo soon. It will be going on my left thigh to start on my leg sleeve.” 

Bobby's other hand tattoo!

With over 300 tattoos, I asked if he regretted any of them. “I do not regret any tattoos that I have received. Every time I have gotten tattooed it has been to relieve stress or because of a certain event.“ That right there is dedication to your art!

Check back here for next week’s Tattoo Tuesday where Bobby and I will talk about his thoughts on tattoo and music culture, and how life on the road with I See Stars is going! In the meantime, Tweet and Follow Bobby (@BobbyPysar) because he’s more than happy to always meet new people and answer any questions fans might have! And don’t forget to catch him on tour right now with Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Memphis May Fire, As I Lay Dying, and Attila!

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