Tattoo Tuesday: Bobby Pysar – Part 2!

We’re back with this week’s Tattoo Tuesday and our friend, Bobby Pysar. If you guys missed last week’s segment, Bobby is currently tour managing I See Stars while they support Asking Alexandria on their North American tour. The guys of I See Stars are close to wrapping up this tour as they just announced they would be on all the dates for this year’s Vans Warped Tour, so excited!!

Last week, I asked Bobby about his own personal tattoos and the works. This week, I got more broad with him when I asked about tattoo culture and the guys of I See Stars!

Because he has over 300 tattoos, I asked Bobby if he felt limited in life due to his heavy amount of body art. “I currently live the life I want and have always wanted. More and more business professionals, a.k.a doctors and lawyers, are seen having sleeves and or tattoos that show out of a suit. This is helping make the tattoo stereotype a lesser thing.” Very true, tattoos are becoming a mainstream sort of thing! But the culture started with alternative music, much like the culture Bobby surrounds himself with today. So I asked him, do tattoos and the music industry go hand-in-hand nowadays? “I think people with tattoos have a bit more hype then people without tattoos. I think it gives them a bit of an edgy appearance and mystery about them. Girls love tattoos on band guys it’s a proven fact.” That we do, that we do…

Bobby's awesome Drop Dead tattoo!

With so many friends who cover themselves in tattoos, I asked Bobby if he’s seen any he didn’t think was a great idea. “Hahaha, yes unfortunately there are some artists out there that are putting out horrendous work. People need to do their research before just walking into a random shop hoping to get the best tattoo of their life!! It’s on you forever so take the time to find a good artist.” Do your research, kids!

When meeting Bobby, people will have mixed opinions on his art form. “Mostly I am complimented 95% of the time about how good my work is. The other 5% are stares and people who aren’t used to seeing tattooed people in their town.” Looks like full body tattoos are becoming more acceptable, great news!!

When closing up our interview, I asked Bobby a little bit about life with the guys of I See Stars. Since this was an interview about tattoos, I had to ask him if the guys had some ink of their own. He simply answered that 4 members of the band have tattoos. Bobby keeps busy while touring with multiple bands. “I currently tour manage I See Stars, I have worked for them now for almost 3 years. I have worked for many bands other then them though. I can do almost anything on the road.” Just follow him on Twitter for updates on who he’ll working with next!

Wrapping up our interview, I asked Bobby if he had anything left he wanted to add. “I think tattoos and music just go together, music is art and a way to express feelings and tattoos are the exact same thing. I really love music and tattoos. I love answering questions about it and I encourage kids to Tweet me @BobbyPysar asking me questions!” Don’t be shy to Tweet him, he always replies to his mentions!

Once again, I’d like to thank Bobby for the interview! Catch him on the end of I See Star’s tour with Asking Alexandria. If you can’t make those dates, be sure to greet him this summer on the Vans Warped Tour and leave him a great tip in my honor! And don’t ever be scared to Tweet him! Finally, don’t forget to Tweet us at @ZingRevolution to let us know who you’d like us to profile on Tattoo Tuesday!

Cathy is our residential Canadian writer at MusicSkins. Currently enrolled at Concordia University, she’s underway to getting her degree in Communications Studies. A huge pop punk fan, Cathy revolves her work around music. Check out her interviews and photos, and find her on Twitter… if you can.

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