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Tattoo Tuesday: Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack, frontman of Black Veil Brides, seems to be a tattooed god to most teenage girls. While his long straggly hair (now cut into another long/but short style), lip ring, and black eyeliner have all won him a place on the list of guys you don’t want your teenage daughter to date, but his tattoos, they’re a whole other story.

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He has stated that most of the artwork on his body was actually not thought out and instead the result of a drunken night. He told Revolver in 2011, “I’m not the guy with a bunch of great artwork. For me, it’s about little stories that convey times in my life. I’ll just continue to piece together what I can for the rest of my life, and see where that ends up.”

So what story does this string of drunken moments create?

1. Skull and Heart– This was his first tattoo that he got for a girl when he was 15. It’s

Koala Bear (source - bvblegacy.weebly.com)

“part Alkaline Trio, part Hitler hair, part random sh**” according to Biersack.

2. Koala Bear — Andy decided to get this tattoo of a koala dressed like him drinking whiskey on his left arm just for fun.

3. Unfinished Batman — This tattoo on his upper right arm was done in a laundromat for the hell of it, because he was with someone who did tattoos. It is unfinished because they ran out of time and had to go to rehearsal.

4. Inverted Cross — He’s stated that he likes antireligious and tradition catholic imagery, and this tattoo is simply a jarring image to him. He has left it’s meaning up to interpretation.

5. Bride Veils Black Wings – This tattoo place under the inverted cross on his left arm is for his band and they all got together on their first headlining tour.

Unfinished Batman (source - bvblegacy.weebly.com)

6. Misfits and Danzig skull — These were his second and third tattoos

7. Batman logo — Another batman tattoo, placed on his right arm because it makes him think of family. He grew up with batman a lot of things.

8. Azreal — This is the avenging angel in the Batman series, and both he and his dad have the tattoo, His dad has the older version of the angel and he has the younger. This is a more significant tattoo for Andy because dad played in bands until he hurt his back and Azreal comes into the Batman series when Bane breaks Bruce Wayne’s back.

9. Dragonfly – His nickname for his girlfriend Juliet Simms is tattoo on his hand.

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10. FP “Front Poop” – We won’t go into too much detail, but it has to do with some images that wearing spandex pants may create…

And these are only a few of his tattoos. He also has a girl with “The morticians daughter” written in script under it on his upper left arm, the Seagrams 7 logo with “America Rock-n-Roll under it, “Blasphemy” tattooed on his left arm, Ohio with a pentagram inside on his left arm, “F**k Fun” written on his wrist, and “Photograph each day so we can live forever” on his chest.

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