Supernatural Harlem Shake

Just like The Simpsons, the Supernatural gang has jumped on the annoying bandwagon that is the Harlem Shake and is bringing you ‘Supernatural’ Harlem Shake.

Jensen starts the video off with some small cute Harlem Shake moves while Jared can NOT be bothered and stays still while texting. I’m guessing he is sending a text to Jensen that says something like:

“I will never let you choose a song to dance to again”

While Jensen is dancing you see a there is a crossroads (Oh HAY Britney Spears reference), and demon trap that is drawn all over the ground, and their infamous impala!

Then the camera pans out to show more of the field and then BAM! All of a sudden it seems as if everyone in that episode is out doing the Supernatural Harlem Shake dance. You see some puppy dogs, some demons, and even a dead body in a bag busting some moves!

All in all, this is cute little video. But now that these hunks have done the Harlem Shake, I’m sure we can put this fad to rest!

Harlem Shake With Supernatural With A Supernatural Skin!

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