South Park Season 17

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The mischievous gang of four is back! South Park’s Kyle, Stan, Cartman and even more surprisingly Kenny (our evermore fatally injured friend) made it through a successful 16 seasons with the South Park season 17 underway. To many, season 17 may come as a shock because of the show’s nature of covering controversial and sensitive topics, but luckily for the fans of South Park the show is still on the air. South Park won over its fans with its shocking humor and daring intentions to cover all topics relevant to our society today. With episodes about breast cancer to episodes of anal rape there is no subject South Park won’t cover and attempt to turn into hilarity. Though, with their creative ideas for these “jokes” abled the show to win over their fans, they also gained many enemies throughout the years which constantly threatened the cancellation of South Park. As a society we cannot stand for this.

Even with their number of enemies racking up more and more with each episode (usually whoever identified with the group South Park was making fun of at the time), South Park did not see any reason to slow down with what they had already been doing, as they shouldn’t have. They continued addressing controversial topics until it became so routine they basically gained their own kind of immunity for it. It is what the public began to expect, but even with its raunchy jokes on sexual preference, politics and other issues on a weekly basis, there were still some lines that South Park crossed that some critics of the show felt went too far. Fortunately, even after the incident of South Park angering critics with its episode of “Cartoon Wars” with its possibility of depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed, South Park was still able to avoid the cancellation of its show.

Our Pop Culture today desperately needs shows such as South Park. To cancel South Park would mean to then go after other mischievous shows such as Family Guy and Futurama, and what would the public have to watch then? South Park has its own unique humor and always has current issues in their upcoming episodes. To end the show would be a slap in the face to the idea of freedom of speech.as well ass give off the impression that some topics relevant today are off limits to the opinions of the public. South Park has embedded its place in our Pop Culture and to remove the show would cause a void that no other show would be able to fill. The community must realize though at times the show may not be politically correct, the main idea is to make the viewers laugh. It is a show after all. South Park gives its viewers the sense that we can have our own opinion and it is ok (and it will not result in the end of the world). Besides we cannot let the constant deaths of Kenny (89 deaths in counting) for the cause to go to waste. Honestly how could you not love these four adorable foul-mouthed boys? To all those who are fans of the show look out for season 17 coming in September!


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