Shameless Recap: Cascading Failures

This week in our Shameless recap, we deal with the fall out of the kids being taken by the Department of Family Services. This week’s episode had a somber undertone to it, broken up with the hilarious comedic intervention of Veronica and Kevin’s surrogacy attempts between Kev and V’s mom. However, even that was a little disturbing at times. Not as disturbing as the way Frank passed his urine test, but disturbing nonetheless.

As the kids are loaded into the car, Jimmy comes back and decides to be there for Fiona, getting over his own problems about his dad’s homosexuality. Lip and Ian, not being strangers to this situation, assume they know how this is going to play out and almost jokingly explain it to the case worker in the car. Debbie and Carl will be placed together “because they always try to keep siblings together” and Liam will go to a loving home with a loving family because he’s just so darn young and cute and Lip and Ian will go to someone who has one crazy quirk or another. However, things are different this time around. Instead, Carl and Debbie are split up, and Carl and Liam are placed together. Debbie is separated from the brood, and everyone seems a little shaken by this change of events. Debbie puts on a brave face and basically ends up running an illegal daycare, similar to the way she spends her summers, anyway, if you think about it. This time, it’s a little less Babysitter’s Club and a little more Oliver Twist, unfortunately. Lip and Ian are also thrown for a loop when they get placed in a level 14 group home, also known as a place where “kids who stab their parents in the face with pen” go to.

Fiona immediately goes into parental mode, quitting her job to go and make sure the kids are ok, and hunting down one of her idiot parents to try to get the kids back. She has her breakdown moment and moves on, like a real Gallagher. Monica is MIA and Frank is trying to run because he didn’t get the memo that Aunt Ginger’s bones have been found and tossed. Fiona and Jimmy find Frank at the Alibi Room, of course, and force the man to clean himself up for a couple of days. Frank agrees on the condition that he gets free roam of his house and Fiona agrees. Since there is no Monica, Sheila steps in and pretends to be Monica. She and Frank have to go to a mandatory parenting class, which Sheila is kind of happy about since she is still desperately trying to figure out where she went wrong with Karen (as evident by the hilarious role playing that ensues in class). Sheila gives Frank a Vicodin as he is going into sweats and withdrawals, but he makes sure he preps a clean sample before he takes the pill. And if you want to know how he sneaks the sample into the bathroom, you’re going to have to watch. I can’t talk about it. Gross. Episode 306

Lip keeps a cool head in the group home and pays off the two guys who are obviously the ones who run the place. The actual adult who runs the place is kind of a generic version of that boot camp guy from Maury. Like, he clearly wants to be the Maury guy, but will never be that guy. Anyway, Lip sneaks Mandy in and Ian sneaks out to go to Mickey’s. Unfortunately, and this is where stuff gets a little sad, Mickey’s dad comes home and busts them in the living room. He beats both of them up, cold cocking his son in the face with a gun and makes Ian stay at gun point. He makes an ominous call asking for “the Russian” to be sent over. The Russian turns out to be a woman and he insists that she will screw the gay out of him. Mickey’s dad forces Ian to watch. It’s disturbing, like I said, but remember that Mr. Milkovich is a bad person with a rap sheet that also includes raping his own daughter in a drunken haze and getting her pregnant. He still refuses to acknowledge that one as he yelled “Mandy wasn’t enough for you?!” and attacked Ian.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.28.42 PMCarl and Liam got placed with a homosexual couple who obviously enjoy the finer things in life. Their home is obviously no place for Carl and his destructive ways. Not to mention, Carl has been very inquisitive about the mechanics of homosexual relationships lately, so this was actually hilarious. This couple is also dying to adopt an interracial baby so Carl has made it his personal mission to get Liam out of there and back home with him. The couple informs Fiona that they plan on trying to adopt Carl and Liam but Liam has drawn on the walls and Carl peed on the couch blaming Liam. Carl Gallagher is a perennial favorite.

Kevin and V tried to take in the Gallaghers but are still under review since the last foster child they had, Ethel, ran away. They are also trying to get Veronica’s mom pregnant. An at home turkey baster insemination failed, so now, Veronica is convinced that the only way to impregnate her mom is actual fornication. Everyone is against this, but V is convinced that this is the only way. So they try the sheet hole approach so that no skin touches, but that fails. They try the old fashioned way but Kevin is having issues. It ends up being a team effort and they all feel very disturbed by how this has gone down. If V’s mom is pregnant, it’ll all have been worth it.Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.29.17 PM

In the end, all of the paperwork is in place and Fiona is still trying to get the kids home. What she’s really been trying to figure out is “who made the call?” The case worker decides to go to the bathroom in a subtle way, allowing Fiona to listen to the anonymous call and  realize that the cause of this whole problem, was Frank.

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