The Reluctant 9th Grade Homecoming King Contender

WEEK TWO:  It just gets weirder…….

You would vote for me right?

So, um, I am filling out forms, like tons of forms because apparently that’s what you do in the beginning of high school  I am not even paying any attention to all the forms – just putting my name, address and serial number and trying not to look the enemy in the eye and then a couple days later……

BAM!!! and I quote:  “Hey Cameron congrats on making the top three candidates for 9th grade Homecoming King.”


This was not in my plan.  I actually pride myself on NOT being one of the cool kids who cares about Homecoming Royals.  I did ask one of my closest friends Olivia to go with me to the dance and she said YES. But seriously Homecoming King, this is just too weird for me.  My Gypsy Temple band mates are having a field day with this one. (rolling my eyes).

Can you imagine if Beavis or Butthead were nominated for Homecoming King?.  OMG that would be crazy.

LOL imagine this being his acceptance speech...

Anyways – it has been an interesting week.  We had picture day this week and my mom is already demanding a retake.  Why can’t I smile on demand?  And yes every parent should take those picture day pics and upload them to the MusicSkins customizer tool for a great custom skin to give to Grandma.  Yes indeed.  Especially since I hear that ZING has a brand spanking new customizer tool that works great!

So homework hasn’t built up yet.  My Science Teacher is actually way cool.  My English Teacher is a BEAST.  So far so good on the education front.

Last thing – we start shooting the new and improved The Cameron Show  for ZING ME TV our new YOUTUBE STATION featuring uber 1D fan Alyssa giving the ONE DIRECTION report – expect some juicy new scoop on the 1D front as I hear something big is brewing with ZING/MusicSkins with 1D.

48 days until launch of the new website – I can’t wait!

Click for our Tumblr!

You’ll have to wait til next week to find out if I got voted as King of the 9th Grade Homecoming Clones…..Ok I am done rambling – until next week.

Love, Cameron

Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones is the official Teen Spokesman for Z!NG REVOLUTION aka MusicSkins.  He invites all teens to become Z!NG Rebels, blog about stuff they are interested in and get cool swag from Z!NG. Cameron goes to Shorecrest High School in the Seattle, Washington area. He plays Cello, Piano, Guitar and Bass and leads his band Gypsy Temple see videos HERE and HERE. Cameron also plays premium soccer as a mid-fielder for TyneCastle Football club.  Watch for Cameron’s weekly blog about his “so called teen life.”

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