Pretty Little Liars 3×16 “Misery Loves Company” Recap

screen-shot-2013-01-23-at-9-53-08-amOK, people! This show is NUTS! I can’t. I just can’t! Pretty Little Liars, what are you doing to me? Whatever it is, I like it. Anyways, here is the Pretty Little Liars 3×16 “Misery Loves Company” recap for Tuesday’s episode, “Misery Loves Company.” AHHH!

The episode starts off with our Liars huddle together conversing, with Aria still being bedridden. The “potion” that Meredith has been giving her is making Aria so drowsy. Honestly, I have a feeling there’s a reason why it is making her more drowsy, because Meredith wants it that way! I don’t know, I feel like Meredith is bad news. VERY bad news. Well, apparently Meredith is devastated by this. Before we leave this scene, Aria says “This is one family secret I intend to keep,” in reference to her dad possibly doing something bad to Ali.

Now, we move to the “Team A” lair where Toby Mona are discussing plans to take something to the next level. However, Toby feels like it is too soon, but Mona reminds him and says, “I told you, I’m not the one calling the shots.” Oh God, that doesn’t sound good. A is bigger than we had ever imagined. It’s getting so crazy, guys!

After we take a quick pit stop with Emily and Toby, we see Hanna and Caleb/Riggins. Well, Hanna sees him, but he doesn’t see her when he is on a phone call. The subject of the call is Mona and not letting anyone hurt Hanna. When asked about the call, Riggins lies and says it was his mom. Hanna doesn’t believe him for a second, but just tells him not to do anything stupid.

Next, we have Spencer and her evil lover. You know, this is actually so depressing because Spencer is so falling in love with Toby, but he’s trying to kill her. LOL. It was their anniversary, but Spencer has to go to some dinner honoring her dad. Then, her mom walks in and tells her she has to go, but when Toby leaves, the mom is in on the plan to surprise Toby with an anniversary dinner. So sweet, too bad he still wants to kill her. LOL. AGAIN.

We go back to Aria and Meredith snooping around the room as Aria is sleeping. When Aria wakes up, Meredith goes back into devastated and caretaker mode. She asks about the pages, but Aria falls asleep before she can answer. Obviously, Meredith isn’t surprised. She’s just doing this so she has more time to snoop around.

Now, Emily and Paige are eating lunch together. They discuss Paige’s anxiety and she is going to see someone that afternoon. Then, Hanna comes in and breaks it up asking Emily to follow Riggins. After a little walk down guilt lane, Emily agrees.

Inside the school, Meredith goes to tell Aria’s mom that “she is doing much better.” When Aria’s mom walks away to call Aria, the phone rings. BUT GUESS WHAT? MEREDITH HAS THE PHONE. I TOLD YOU SHE WAS EVIL!

Next, after some games and planning, we see a fake Toby ID and we know that if Spencer sees, she’ going to find out. Hanna goes to her job interview, but of course, there’s no one there. The lights go out. Then, she’s being chased by a hooded figure. Naturally. A key falls out of this hooded figure’s pocket, we don’t know what the key is for yet. Back to Emily, Emily never gets to find out who Riggins meets up with in the coffee shop, but it is Paige. They end up discussing how to defeat A so their loved ones don’t get hurt.

We’re back to Aria and the poison. Aria wakes up and there’s ghost Ali. Ali eventually tells her not to drink the poison potion that Meredith has been giving her. When Aria wakes up and tries to get out of the room, it’s locked. Hanna and Emily see her at the drug store asking for sleeping pills. Connections. Back to Aria, she brought a shard of glass from a broken mirror back to bed with her. Hope you know how to use that thing, girl.

screen-shot-2013-01-23-at-3-14-03-pmLong story, short. There’s a scene where Aria wakes up and Meredith is standing over with her shard of glass in her hand. Somehow, Aria escapes, but Meredith slaps her. Then, the Liars come looking for her and this all winds up with the Liars being trapped in a basement by Meredith. Again, I told you so. Then Lord Byron shows up, and Meredith tells him the girls know “everything” and he tells them that he didn’t hurt Aria. Then, there’s an Ali flashback and MELISSA enters the “last time Ali was spotted” story.

Back to Spencer, A is trying to break in to get the key, meaning Toby is trying to get the key. OMG GUYS, I couldn’t deal. Spencer has known everything. She says, “Is this the key you’ve been looking for?” She saw the fake ID. Poor girl. She ends up crying into her mom’s arms once he leaves.

Back to Aria, Aria and her dad are talking. Her dad says the smartest thing that has probably ever been said on this show: “I’m going to call the cops.” THEN, Aria throws the pages in the fire and tells him, “I believe you.” Honey, you really shouldn’t, but okay.

The last scene, Spencer goes to Toby’s house and she can’t get in. THE LOCKS HAVE BEEN CHANGED. She pleads with him as she hears someone playing the piano, but gets no response, so she breaks down. The camera ends up panning to the room where we don’t see Toby. We see MONA drinking the wine that Spencer bought for her anniversary dinner with Toby. That’s cold, honey. COLD.

People, I just can’t handle this anymore. I don’t even wanna know what’s coming next. Ok, that’s such a lie. I NEED TO KNOOOOOOW!!!!


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