Pretty Little Liars Recap: ‘What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted’

Calling all Pretty Little Liars fans! Calling all PLL fans! We have your Pretty Little Liars recap for you! This week’s episode titled, “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted,” we see our beloved Spencer still spiraling while her friends are still in the dark about Toby. Meanwhile, Hanna helped Caleb with his father, Aria spent some time with Wes, and Emily followed up on a clue with Jason.

Unfortunately for our girl Spencer, she continues to spiral in the PLL episode and after Andrew tells her she is off the team, she tries to get back on the team with a game of strip trivia. Oh dear, Spencer. Oh dear God. Spencer ends up tricking Wren, whom Mona had called and threatened to put up the case study for “M” online with a photo. Uh oh! Things get heated when Spencer confronts Mona about stealing her friends away from her, but when Mona asks her, “Do you still have any friends?” Spencer attacks. Andrew and Wren have to pull her off of Mona.

Hanna goes to Jamie and tells him she knows he was Caleb’s father, telling him he could deal with it. Jamie tells her that he took shortcuts and had a police record. Hanna insists that they see each other again. When Hanna sets up a job for Jamie at the church, she sees him paying a bill with a check Hanna put in the check collection box.

Erza’s mother calls Aria looking for Wes and after she lies to her, she found out she had already been by Erza’s apartment and found him. Aria brings Wes along with her to be her assistant on a project. She wants to give Wes the couch in Cece’s apartment, but when Cece says her car has been towed as she sits in her car, Aria and Wes head back to her house. Ultimately, the scene ends in a kiss.

Emily asks Cece if she knew Wilden (trying to get her to admit that he could be the Hottie) and she answers by saying there were a lot of guys that summer. However, Jason told Emily he saw Ali on a boat that could have ben Wilden’s. They went looking for the photo, and along the way, finds whiskey bottles on his porch. Emily gets a text from “A” saying Jason should keep a couple; it would ultimately save him. When they find the photo, it is of Ali and Wilden…and CeCe. Oh damn! Jason reveals that the last night Ali was alive, he was drunk and wandered outside and saw Cece and Melissa talking before he passed out. As they leave, the elevator stops between floors and after Emily jumps down to the floor below, it drops down with Jason still inside. He survives and as he puts it, “this time.” When Emily steps into the hall to get water, she finds the other Liars. Spencer finally apologizes for pushing away her friends. A nurse interrupts and asks about Jason. He is gone. This can’t mean anything good.

The episode ends with the girls’ photos on bottles of whiskey for a twisted game of spin the bottle. Whiskey from Spencer’s bottle is poured into two glasses and a toast is had between two hooded figures.

PLL Spencer iPhone Skin
PLL Spencer iPhone Skin

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