Pretty Little Liars Most Shocking Moments

With the eagerly awaited return of Pretty Little Liars, we have decided to reflect on what has made this premiere so highly anticipated! That’s right, here is a recap of the Pretty Little Liars most shocking moments. And you know what? I’m going to do this in countdown form, because PLL is all about the build-up, after all.

5) Grave robbing = not just reserved for the Pharaohs. 

Someone stole Ali’s body, digging up all of the secrets buried with it, and tried to frame the girls (more specifically, Emily) for it. I found that to be some pretty heavy content to deal with along with the drama of college applications. Then again, it seemed like child’s play compared to Emily finding that human tooth necklace in her purse with the message “Dead girls can’t smile,” spelled out in beads. Because the A-team has a penchant for torture AND crafts. Who knew?

4) Baby baby baby NOOOOO. 

Melissa faked her pregnancy. She miscarried and lied to just about everyone, including her sister, but apparently told her mother and Garrett…(?) There is a lot that makes no sense about this, like where she was every time she was going to the doctor, or when she actually lost the baby, or if she was ever pregnant at all. I still don’t trust Melissa. Sister or not, she’s a shady lady. Oh and while we are on the subject of babies, Ezra has one. Surprise!

3) Silence! I kill you!

Maya’s killer is revealed and her death is avenged by Emily. It was self defense so, you know, it’s not vengeance per se. Good for you, Emily. He was nuts. Caleb got shot after this kerfluffle, but all is well. So that’s cool, too. Food for thought: How did Mona know Maya’s secret website password?

2) Halloween Special

Sorry there is no catchy headline for this section, but the Halloween special had entirely too many shockers to pinpoint with catchiness. RIP Garrett, we have no idea if you are the true sketchball that we have been made to believe you were. Your last actions were that revelation of Aria’s dad and his potential involvement in Alison’s murder. Byron is kind of a jerk with the cheating, bad parenting on behalf of both of his children (he seems more prone to throwing tantrums than the kids are), and being a professor sleeping with a grad student (yet treated Ezra like the devil for the same thing, despite the age gap between Ezra and Aria being much smaller than the one between him and his “special study buddy.” Also, Ezra wasn’t married when he started seeing Aria. Just saying.) But is Byron capable of murder? Oh, and Ally’s body came back. Leave it to Alison Dilaurantis to not miss a party, dead or alive.


Toby is part of the A-team. And a big part, too. He has his own black hoodie and everything. He even consorts with Mona. I had a feeling too, but I didn’t want to believe it. After it was confirmed, I distrusted men for a solid month. Remember, he slept with Spencer before we found this out. If you think you were heartbroken, imagine how hurt Spencer is going to be. The clues I picked up on were: “Toby took a job in Bucks county right around the time “A” was traveling to attack Caleb’s mother, and Spencer was laying the “isn’t it great how much I can trust you” stuff on a little thick, especially since every time she tried to do private research on her laptop, he would creep up behind her. Sure, when your boyfriend does it, it’s probably cute, but the way he did it every time was too stealthy for comfort.

So we have a lot to look forward to starting TONIGHT! Tune in!


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