Pretty Little Liars Episode 3×14 “She’s Better Now” Recap


Hey all you Pretty Little Liars out there! We’ve got the recap of Pretty Little Liars Episode 3×14 for ya! We were so anxious for this mid-season premiere because of all the unanswered questions that we were left with when the season stopped. Thankfully, our liars are back in action and we can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the coming weeks.

Now, the premiere, Episode 14 “She’s Better Now,” centered on Mona 2.0, or rather Mona 1.0 coming back to Rosewood in her quest for forgiveness for what happened in the past. However, it won’t be that simple. She has to get the ladies AND the rest of the school to believe that she has changed. Mona goes so far as to pop up in Hanna’s bedroom late at night looking for help in her transition from the psych ward to high school. Mona swears she’s changed and she even adds a little bribery to make her point known.

The girls chat about Crazy Mona being back at school.

While Mona is looking for forgiveness, an unidentified skateboarder in a hoodie is being followed by a hooded driving assailant, later identified as Toby. We’ve noticed that once the sun goes down, black hoodies seem to become a thing.

After the death of Garrett, Emily’s mom and dad have begun to do everything they can to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer are discussing the last things that were said between them (Garrett’s comments about her father). Back to the Mona situation, Mona seems to be stopping at nothing for Hanna to forgive her. She drops a muffin basket by her house and Hanna’s grandmother thinks that she should give Mona a second chance.

Obviously, the students at Rosewood High have not forgotten. Mona discovers a brain stabbed to the locker room. Someone placed a cow brain in her locker room. After the brain incident, a video of Mona goes viral and becomes well liked.

The suspicions of the ladies are raised when they see Mona’s belongings in the janitor’s closet from the Lost Woods Resort. Aria is still quiet about Erza’s son. She finds a note about her lies in a gift basket out of the apartment. Spencer tries to warn Jason about a relationship with Mona. Lucas informs everyone that Mona came back to school before she was officially allowed back in.

Throughout the episode, Emily deals with her lockdown. She ends up sneaking out of her bedroom though. She is seen with the other ladies looking for Mona’s stuff. They come across A’s diary. What they find out is Mr. Montgomery has been having an affair. They are almost caught by the inn-keeper, but Toby saves the day. Outside, an explosion happens in one of the booth areas.

Spencer and Toby being super cute (and yes Toby WAS a scetchball the whole episode)

Meredith, the teacher, has been injured in the blast and the suspects are none other than are our Liars. A note was left behind by the real criminal. Later, Jason is being treated by Mona from a burn on his side.

Before the end of the episode, A, Toby, Lucas, a man or a woman in a hoodie is seen unscrewing the bolts of a bicycle. A young man gets on the bike and off-screen, we hear a yell. Obviously, nothing has changed in Rosewood.

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