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Pretty Little Liars: The Power of Fire

We know from the past that Marlene King, the creator of the hit television series Pretty Little Liars, is a master at using Twitter to tease Pretty Little Liars fans from spoilers, and we absolutely love her for that. A new set of tweets from the mastermind that created the world of Rosewood that we know and love has left us incredibly curious about what’s coming up for our little liars, especially at the end of next season.

Marlene tweeted three cryptic messages that she knew would get all of the Pretty Little Liar fans a buzz.

First, she tweeted, “Liar, liar pants on fire.”

Then, she added, “Who’s panties you think might catch on fire in the season 3 finale?”

Finally, she said, “Fire is scary. It pushes people to be honest. And from the ashes the truth is revealed.”

We all know that “Liar, liar pants on fire,” is a classic playground chant. From this tweet, we think someone tells a huge lie in the Season 3 finale. However, judging from her last tweet, it almost sounds as if the fire is in fact a real fire. Or maybe it could be a metaphorical fire that makes he or she (whoever this ends up being) come clean? We truly aren’t sure. All we know is that we are in for quite a ride this season!

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