Pretty Little Liars: We Will “Immediately” See “Craziness”

Pretty Little Liars fans! Remember Lucas (Brendan Robinson)?! We all remember when Lucas made that shocking confession in Season 2 about his gambling problem, but we haven’t seen much of him lately. We did get to see him in the Halloween themed episode (Season 3, Episode 13 “This Is A Dark Ride”), where surprisingly, he was plotting with Jason.

We have good news! Fans will finally get to the bottom of Lucas’s odd behavior!

Hollywood Life, at TV Guide’s Hot List Party on November 12, caught up with Brendan Robinson to discuss his future on the hit TV series. Thankfully, they were informed that fans will not have to wait long to discover what is going on with the mysterious loner. We will “immediately” start to see the “craziness from Lucas.”

We’re hoping when he says “craziness,” he means we will finally get to see what his deal with the “A” team is really all about. Is Lucas playing both sides? Is he or isn’t he reporting back to Jason? Hopefully, all will be revealed in time. “A” seems to have his or her eyes set on the NAT club, which means bad news for Jason and Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). Is Lucas warning them?

Whether or not Lucas had anything to do with Aria’s (Lucy Hale) near-death experience, Robinson stated, “We’re going to discover a little more about what happened.” Personally, we’re hoping “a little more” means a lot more!

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