Pretty Little Liars: Which Guy May Be Gay?

Pretty Little Liars has already dipped its toes into teens questioning their sexuality. The show has already made Em and her girlfriend a focus of the show, but maybe the show isn’t done with sexualities just yet. In the near future, Pretty Little Liars fans may come to find out that one of the men on the show will also start to “question his sexuality”

Marlene King, the showrunner, has already stated that one of the men on the show has already been introduced as straight may start to lean the other way. Of course, as soon as news broke of this we had to start looking at possible candidates for this twist in the plot. We are pretty sure that it will not be Toby, Caleb, or Erza. Who do you think it could be?

Mike Montgomery (Cody Christian) This may make some sense. He is already struggling with his parents’ relationship and add a questioned sexuality on top of it, this could explain why he has been acting out lately.

Lucas (Brendan Robinson) Major character. He had feelings for Hanna, but they never said anything about someone being bisexual on the show. We don’t know how he got tied up in the “A” team. Could they be holding his sexuality over his head?

Holden (Shane Coffey) There has already been speculation about Holden’s sexuality, maybe there’s more to the story.

Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) Major character. Flirtatious behavior with girls, but nothing that stuck out. There’s a lot going on with him already. Who knows, the writers seem to know what they’re doing. We trust them if it actually is Jason.

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