The ‘Trekkies’ Have Spoken: Plutos Moon Gets Named After Star Trek Planet

pluto-planetWe all know that Pluto technically isn’t a planet anymore. Ok, Ok, fine, it’s not technically, it’s a fact. It got declassified as a planet about 6.5 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long, and yes, people still have a hard time accepting it.

Anyway, some good news out of the Pluto debacle. Two new moons of Pluto were discovered and their names, temporarily P4 and P5, were put up to an internet vote. According to, over 450,000 votes were added up and it appears that the Trekkies won this one. Vulcan was the top choice.

Now, maybe people who weren’t bonafide Trekkies voted for Vulcan because of the Roman mythological synergy of it all. Saturn was the father of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Jupiter and Juno were the parents of Vulcan. So that makes Vulcan, Pluto’s nephew. However, I doubt that the Star Trek fans in the world didn’t have some kind of influence based on the tweet sent out by one of my personal favorite octogenarians in the world, William Shatner. Captain Kirk looks great for his age and clearly has a handle on how to use his twitter handle. He sent out the following tweet on February 12:Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.59.04 AM

Mr. Shatner has over a million followers on Twitter so he got the word out and now, we have received awesome results. The ancient Romans and the Trekkies of today all have something to celebrate. Well, maybe not the ancient Romans. They kind of had it rough and are all dead, because they are ancient.

In the end, the second highest number of votes went to Cerberus, who was the mythological guard of the Underworld. This is especially fitting since Pluto was the ruler of the Underworld. So much cooler than P4, and P5, wouldn’t you say?

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