Perfection, I think so! The Amazing Spiderman match.

Not to say that most Hollywood couples are pretty much all the same, but there are always the same patterns with them. Famous? Check! Wealthy? Yup, check! Stunning? No doubt. Check! How many new couples can surface the tabloids that will really give us something new to talk about? I don’t mean just your usual gossip. No, I mean two celebrities that look to be enjoying their relationship as much as it appears to those of us reading about it.

Take Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, for example. So far, they have been full of great surprises! They’ve got a chemistry to kill for and a sense of humor that everybody really gets a kick out of.

I have to admit that it seems almost too perfect since, after the Spiderman movie, we all kind of saw it coming, but how can we not fall in love with Emma and Andrew from The Amazing Spiderman? Quirky and awkward together, just like the rest of us, AND Stunning, famous, wealthy and promoting a good cause, like true Hollywood’s finest.

Match made in heaven? That may be a little exaggerated, but close. Not only do we get to see their love on-screen, on red carpet events, and in interviews but also since The Amazing Spiderman movie came out we see more and more of their off-screen romance. Paparazzi’s are non-stop with this new couple that, has baffled us with their rapport.

It is easy to see that both, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are going to go a long way. Together, you may ask? Perhaps. If so, we hope you make it big and stay silly.

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