Pretty Little Liars Recap: Out of Sight, Out of Mind


We’re a little late but we could not resist commenting on last weeks PLL. So here’s this week’s Pretty Little Liars recap!

Oh my God. That’s literally all we have to say. OH MY GOD! Liars! What did you think of the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars?! Were you shocked? Were you upset? Happy? Tell us! We love to know what you guys think! Now we know to expect the unexpected on Pretty Little Liars, but that was CRAZY! CRAZY! Let’s just say that we won’t be seeing a certain someone around Rosewood anymore. Here we go!

After tracking Mona through the woods, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) came across a body, and who she found literally changed the course of the rest of the season and possibly, the series altogether forever. Toby (Keegan Allen) is dead. We think.

The only reason why we say “we think,” is because the only thing that Spencer had to identify Toby with was Toby’s tattoo on his back. However, when Spencer went to pull off his helmet, Mona distracted her. Was the body actually Toby’s? Honestly, we really don’t know. There are so many other people that it could’ve been and Mona just disguised the body to look like Toby. We wouldn’t surprise if that was the case, it’s not like Mona is new to deceiving people. All we are saying is Toby isn’t officially dead until we see his lifeless face.

Of course, Spencer wasn’t in the best shape when she found “Toby’s” body. Spencer froze when she saw the body and from what we saw, goes a little crazy after her discovery. We saw this because the next morning, the police find her wandering around and she is committed to Radley. However, Spencer is a smart girl. She knows Mona. And she definitely knows Toby. Is she really crazy? Or is she going all “Hamlet” on Mona? We’ll have to wait and see.

While Spencer was grappling with Toby’s “death,” Emily (Shay Mitchell) was looking for Toby. LOL. After Spencer told Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily about Toby going to the dark side (Team “A”), Emily goes nuts. Emily’s snooping around only puts her in danger because now Team “A” must get rid of her to keep the secret a secret. Emily ends up getting a text from “Toby” telling her to meet him. Uh oh.

Toby doesn’t show up because he’s dead? Maybe. Not really sure. Instead, the girl in the red coat drops off a little message to Emily: a small coffin.

1299280150pre--4255611876837481298Aria, on the other hand, is dealing with something a little more personal: Ezra’s fatherhood. Aria decides she is not ready to be parent (because that was a hard question to answer). Also, Maggie returns and we think for good.

With the other three Liars busy, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is getting a little paranoid with authority figures, especially cops. She believes the cops are going to come after her mom. Hanna, along with Aria, push Wilden’s patrol car into the lake because that’s totally going to cover up what happened. Until, a fisherman catches Wilden’s hat on his line. This is some “I Know What You Did Last Summer” craziness.

PLL Spencer iPhone Skin
PLL Spencer iPhone Skin

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