Mystic Falls In Jeopardy?

Uh-oh! Could we possibly see the end of Mystic Falls? Say it isn’t so! Mystic Falls is the fictional town where Vampire Diaries is based. The hit CW show has been filming in Covington, GA, right outside of Atlanta, since the beginning of the show’s run, but apparently the people of Covington aren’t too sure if a TV show shooting there is the best thing for them.

Covington City Council Members are in the process of creating a committee to weigh the pros and cons of having the TV show film in their town, according to Covington News. Mayor Ronnie Johnston would like to include many different people from the town from residents to shop owners to discuss this problem.

In the past, Mayor Johnston tried to lay down ground rules when it comes to the film crews that are out and about during the filming process. Unfortunately, the late night shoots have been bugging the people of Covington.

An owner of rental properties, Nancy Whirley, has this to say about the issue, “When there is filming, it’s not just the hours of how long they film at night, it’s how early they start in the morning and how many people hang out all night in the streets with all the equipment.”

For another perspective, Andrea Smith, who is a business owner, appreciates the increase of business once customers find out this is where shooting is done. “I would really ask that this is not an all or nothing kind of thing. There are some things that can be adjusted, don’t consider banning the filming because it is a huge impact financially.”

We can only hope that the cast & crew of Vampire Diaries gets to stay in the town that fans have come to love over the seasons! Let us know your opinion on the issue in the comments!

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