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Music Monday: Punk Goes Pop 5 Tomorrow!

Fearless Records has been teasing us for weeks with their latest album in the “Punk goes Pop” compilation series and I’m just squealing with anticipation. At this point, I feel as though I’ve heard almost every song off the album (sorry, I like spoilers), and they’re all just soooo good! Seriously, this year’s roster of artists is nothing short of incredible, you won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to buy your copy tomorrow!

Issues’ cover of Boyfriend just makes me really happy that Tyler, Ben, Cory, and Michael are back together. The Maine’s cover of Girls Just Want To Have Fun is amazing, and Mayday Parade’s cover of Someone That I Used To Know is so original and fantastic. Don’t even get me started on Craig Owen’s cover of Paradise, so so so amazing.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Punk Goes Pop 5 tomorrow in stores or buy it at midnight if you’re eager like I am! So many Z!NG artists, so much happy for me!

What’s your take on the album? Love it? Hate it? Send us your comments on Twitter @ZingRevolution or like us on Facebook, you know the drill!

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