Music Monday: #Haylor

I took my usual Music Monday to write about what’s going on in every Directioner’s head: IS HAYLOR REAL?! For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, I’ll get you up to date: Harry Styles of One Direction and Taylor Swift are supposedly dating. The two were seen this weekend in Central Park being all cute and what not.. and Harry broke my heart.

Yes fans, Harry Styles is no longer a single man. Seems like the reigning country princess has still got it after snagging this British lead singer. Will these two last? I don’t know… but I’m hoping for an amazing songs from both of these artists after this!

Harry has always admitted to have a crush on Miss Swift, while she just broke up with senior high school student, Connor Kennedy. Always one for romance, Taylor seems to be back on the market, and Harry jumped right in front of the line for this one! Honestly Taylor, how lucky can one girl be? LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US. Nonetheless, cheers to what seems to be the happy couple!


So now that Niall seems to be the only single one left in One Direction, will he date me?!

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Photo Source: Us Weekly

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