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Music Monday: Boys Like Girls Album Stream!

God, I've missed these guys! Be sure to pick up your copy of Crazy World tomorrow!

You have no idea how excited the 17 year old me is right now! Tomorrow I will officially have a copy of Boys Like Girls new EP, Crazy World, in my hands! I’ve only been waiting since forever for this, no biggie. To celebrate the release, the boys of Boys Like Girls have released an album stream which you can listen to here!

Here’s to hoping the success of this album brings a full length album soon! It’s a very different sound than to what I remember Boys Like Girls as, but I love seeing bands grow up and change style. Congrats on a great album, guys!

What do you guys think of the album? Like it, hate it? Send us your opinions by Tweeting us or Liking us on Facebook! And don’t forget to pick up your copy of Crazy World tomorrow or buy it at midnight on iTunes!

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