WEEK Five:  My unfilled Halloween Costume Tragedy

Ok so here it is flat out.  I love TMNT.  I always have.  I love the original movies, the original animation and even the new NICK animated series.  The idea of mutant turtles with cool names and ninja antics living in a cool bachelor pad in the sewers is just awesome.  I want to have band practice in there.

When I was a little younger, but admittedly not that much younger, I begged my mom to get me a TMNT Halloween costume, but instead she turned me into Captain Jack Sparrow which was cool but alas, I still want that TMNT costume – I don’t care if I am in high school now so if anyone knows where to get a cool one let me know!

SO in my celebration of all things TMNT, here is the intro to my favorite TMNT movie – judging from the number of hits,   I guess I am not the only crazy TMNT fan.

Peace and stand by for updates

Love, Cameron – PS – Olivia and I had an awesome time at our Home Coming Dance!

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