Just Me. Stripped.

Hello all! My name is Justin Hynes! I am 18 years old, and currently a full-time student at Pace University at the New York City campus. My major is BA Directing & International Performance Ensemble!

I am currently creating a show with a company from ground up. We plan to take this show all over the world. In May, I will be going to London to perform at theatre festivals in the area with this piece! Obviously, you all can tell I am interested in theatre.

I have a very strong musical theatre background, however I have to stay I am a sucker for female pop stars. My #1 girl has to be: the one & only, Christina Aguilera! God bless her and her almighty pipes. Other than that, I love spending time with family and friends, eating, being outside, drawing, reading, watching movies, etc. I hope to be a sponge at Z!NG, and soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can. I am a pop culture junkie, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me! I am ready to experience everything and anything.

Seeing how I believe a picture is a thousand words, here are a few photos that lets you in on who I am…

My friends and I at Orange Leaf on the night before our high school graduation! I miss them so much!

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite artist is Christina Aguilera! Literally, that is one of the first things I tell someone when I am meeting someone for the first time. She has helped me overcome so much in my life and I am proud to say I am a huge fan of this woman.

Lastly, where I am now...

I feel so lucky to call the greatest city in the world my home. I love New York City with all my heart and soul. I’ve dreamt about living in this grandiose city for so many years. Now, I’m here and living the life I want to live. Here’s to the next chapter in my life!

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