It’s a me, Juju!

My name is Julia, but my nearest and dearest call me juju. I’m a South Jersey transplant living in Queens, NY with my faithful animal friend, Busta. He’s a 32 lb. Bichon Frise that I adopted 7 years ago. We are both presently dieting. One of us hates it more than the other.  I love anything pertaining to 90’s nostalgia and I enjoy watching shows from England and Canada as well as the fabulous programming found here in the US. If I could have a super power, it would be teleportation. Flight would be less convenient between birds, planes, and the weather, theoretically speaking.

Busta's 8th birthday, because that's like 50 in dog years. Also, if you are wondering what that stuff is by his nose, he opened my peanut butter and ate the whole container. I didn't yell at him because it was his birthday, but I made him wear the hat as punishment.

I graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and I will be graduating from Pace University in December with a Master’s in Publishing. After that, who knows? I’ve been holding out to be Mrs. Ryan Gosling since the late 90’s when he was on Breaker High.  If that doesn’t pan out, I ‘ll find an alternate life path. My family is slightly normal so reality TV is out of the question, and Busta is too chubby and humanized to become a youtube sensation, so those are out. Aside from those details, the world is my oyster.

How could you NOT fall in love with 90's Ryan Gosling? How I ask! (Bottom left)

In the little time I have to myself, I enjoy reading (you shouldn’t study publishing if you don’t like reading), hanging out with my friends, listening to vinyl records and playing my guitar. I have a special appreciation for barbershop quartets, bagpipes, and string instruments. Putting those three things together would sound horrendous, but separately, they are delightful. I’m excited to be a part of Z!NG because it’s all about self-expression, style and individuality. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity and hope you enjoy my online presence!

This is my guitar. Yes, I can play Taylor Swift songs.

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