Jim Brown once challenged Muhammad Ali

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There is something that Muhammad Ali fans probably did not know about. During his nine-year of his playing career, the Hall of Famer and also a former Browns running back Jim Brown who was known for his athleticism and legendary toughness. He was the best player of his era as well as one of the best players ever. Jim Brown excelled in just about anything that he did so it was no surprise that he would consider boxing after his retirement from the NFL in 1965 at the age of 29. So it seems that Jim Brown considered boxing due to the fact that he wanted to challenge the then-heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and not just a sparring match but for a full-on fight.

Apparently Brown was the one who introduced Bob Arum a promoter to Ali, so Arum felt that he owed Brown the favor of speaking with the heavy weight champion to get his interest. This was in 1966 and Brown has retired from football for a year and was acting, Ali was 24. Arum took Brown’s message to Ali and Ali was surprised and told Arum to bring Brown to him. Arum took Brown to Hyde Park in London, where Ali used to run. Once Brown was there, Ali told him to hit him as hard as he could. Brown swung wildly and did not get close to him. This went on for 30 seconds, then Ali strike him with a quick one-two to Brown’s face. Brown just stopped and responded with “OK, I get the point.”

If you think about it Jim Brown was not someone to be trifled with, and he has knocked down a few biggest, strongest as well as the fastest athletes on the planet and even he could not touch Ali. It is pretty crazy if you ask me. It shows how good Ali was back in the day.

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