Hey, I’m Alice!

Hey guys! I’m Alice, a new blogger for Z!NGRevolution. I am a Junior at Pace University studying Public Relations and International Marketing. I am obsessed with various types of music, anything from punk rock to electro/house music. Thanks to Facebook events and contests, I have attended jazz festivals, rock concerts (most recently Bamboozle for the first time) and Electro/House/Dance Music festivals in New York and Las Vegas.

You can find me on the bottom right, Electric Zoo Music Festival 2011

Aside from music, I absolutely love reality tv and drama tv series. A few favorite shows include, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Game of Thrones, Project Runway, New Girl, and How I Met Your Mother. What I’m looking for with Z!NGRevolution is to expand my interest in pop culture with the use of blogging and social media. I look forward to learn and excel in my writing and research skills especially with topics I’m absolutely interested in.

Watching Foo Fighters Live for the first time at Bamboozle 2012

I check what is happening in the Entertainment business on a daily basis thanks to my trusty iPhone and MacBook and of course my social media networks. I use my Twitter and Facebook as a platform to express my interest of music and TV to my friends and family and now I can talk about the latest trends in music and TV through blogging with a different audience which makes me really excited and eager to see where this experience with Z!NGRevolution is going to take me!

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