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It’s Like Hugging an Old Friend For the First Time in a Year

[A reflection on 2012 and the holidays from our Managing Partner, Lara Lavi]

Astounding how another year can come so quickly and what a long strange trip it has been this 2012.  This year we saw huge changes at our company as we morph from MusicSkins to Zing Revolution.  New staff, new brand, new licenses, new partners in crime trying to make ZING rebels of everyone we can while proving that every laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nook, Kindle and all devices in between are a canvas for personalizing your stuff.  Yep this is our mantra; our story and we are sticking to it.

Lara Lavi with her son, Cameron.

But what about when we stop for those precious moments of holiday peace.  Is there such a thing?  Holiday peace in between the shopping and the eating and the drinking and the strained conversation with Aunt Julia….oy vay Aunt Julia.  Where do we find the holiday peace we love; we need; yes our very souls must have this time of year?

Well for me it is the Christmas Tree. Every nice Jewish girl deserves a deviation and mine is the annual Tree.  I went home to Seattle where I actually live when not working in Brooklyn at ZING REBEL headquarters and the first thing we did was go get a beautiful Noble Fir – 10 feet high and bring it home and of course decorate it.  Tiny white lights, musical instruments, animals, special ornaments marking every year since I started this tradition some 25 years ago and my special touch of baby’s breath representing snow and of course red roses I always put on the tree.

Once it is all done, and my family has passed out from exhaustion, I am left alone in my living room, lights off except the little white lights and the star on the top and the red cardinal on the top along with the glowing star.  I sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket, in silence, leaning on the over-stuffed arm cozy and totally chill.  Late at night, when all through the house not a creature is stirring, this tree, that has nothing to do with my Jewish heritage and everything to do with who I am, this tree and I sit in quiet, contemplative, joyful peace.  And I breathe a sigh of relief.

Happy New Year Everyone 

Love and Blessings for 2013.

Lara Lavi

Managing Partner

Zing Rebel

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