Haylor Splits, America Weeps (Sort Of)

Yep, Haylor splits.

Word on the street that the couple seen ’round the world (literally, from London, To NY, to the Virgin Islands) has finally called it quits. (Also IDK why I just said finally, they dated for like a month). That’s right, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are OVER.  Or are they?

I’m going to walk you through an intensive guide to the Haylor breakup.

Now, last we knew the happy couple was kissing on New Years in Time Square and then jetting off to the Virgin Islands for a post holiday vaca and now it looks like they’ve headed straight to splitsville.

We got our first clues when Taylor tweeted a line from her hit, “I Knew You Were Trouble” on January 5th, coincidently the same day she left hers and Harry’s vacation early, while Harry stayed. Hmmm…and it doesn’t help that there was already speculation about the song being written about none other than Mr. Styles either.

But, doesn’t that mean they had to have had a thing for much longer than just a month? Now that opens up a whole other can of worms since Taylor and Harry did meet at the Kids Choice Awards in March, which could mean that this whole thing could have been going on for 9 months and “Trouble” being about Harry would make A LOT more sense. But then there’s Conor Kennedy and all that drama in between. HMMMM… what do you think?

Well, after the tweet things were quiet until the premiere of One Direction’s “Kiss You” video yesterday. Apparently a few pictures of Harry hottubbing without Taylor were released and well…s!#% hit the fan to put it plainly. Directioners went nuts (my roommate and I included)! I’m telling you, stay off Tumblr if you don’t want to hear about any of it.

Some sources claim there was a heated argument last Friday, others are just saying that things were too crazy with both of their schedules. All we know is that it is over. And it doesn’t seem like anyone is happy about it. Taylor was looking lonely leaving the British Isles and it looks like Harry’s pretty upset too. What does this all mean? I just don’t know what to think.

And now there are reports from the family they were staying with saying, “I can’t believe they broke up. This is so surprising; they looked so adorable together when we met them. Harry was joking around with my husband and taking pictures with all of my girls; he was so sweet.”

So did they REALLY end things for good? What do you think made them call it quits after such an intense month? Could this just be another PR stunt? (And as long as my boy Zayn is still in a relationship, do I really care?)

But still, I want to know what you think! So leave me a comment below :)


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