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Harry Styles Newest Tattoos

Harry Styles from the British boy band, One Direction did a little more than perform on “The X Factor’’ results show. The day before he performed on “The X Factors” show he stopped by the tattoo parlor and got not one tat but two chest tattoos of two swallows. One swallow on each side, facing each other. Harry tells Us Weekly , “I got two swallows on my chest. I like that kind of style of tattoos, like the old sailor kind of tattoos. They symbolize traveling, and we travel a lot!” He added and reminded everyone that, “Anyone who says tattoos don’t hurt is a liar!”

It seems One Direction truly is a brotherhood that likes to do everything together. Like Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson also got tattoos in Los Angeles. After getting tatted, Louis tweeted that Niall is the one and only member of the group that hasn’t gotten inked. C’mon Niall stop messing the brotherhood up!

I guess we can consider these tattoos as an early celebration gift for their November 13 album release “Take Me Home.”

I say you somewhat match the 1D brotherhood. And No don’t go to your nearest tattoo parlor and get tatted! You should just tat your phone or laptop or tablet or something with Niall or anyone else in 1D!

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