Happy Birthday Zayn Malik!

As a true Directioners, I can expect you all to know that today is nothing else but Zayn Malik’s birthday. Yes, that beautiful, browned eyed boy with the perfectly chiseled jaw and a voice like an angel has hit the rip old age of 20. That’s right, Zayn is no longer a teenager and THAT much more legal.

I know all of the 13 year old fans are crying because these boys just keep getting older, but as a well…more mature Directioner…all this is is a happy day for me because I get to feel al ittle less creepy for a little while. And yet…I still feel pretty creepy. (But like, on the real, I’m only 2 years old than him…)

Well, Zayn let me just say you are looking fine in your birthday girl sash and ZING hopes you have a great time celebrating in the UK, mostly because your still not old enough to drink in the US. Only one more year! With that I’m going to leave you with a significant amount of Zayn “stuff.” You can thank me later. Or now, in the comments below. tumblr_mggwnqAZg51rg8f9yo1_500 tumblr_mggwnc33rf1qixz74o1_500 tumblr_mggv1aw2hq1s2437so1_500 tumblr_mggpgrFpv91rrufxqo1_500 So Happy Birthday Zayn, from everyone at ZING!

Sarah Rzasa is a writer and a self proclaimed pretend social media guru. She spends most of her time hopelessly plotting how she can turn her life into an episode of Sex and the City over a coconut iced coffee. Most recently she has been labled, “A cool adult who likes One Direction.” She’s still unsure what to make of that. Follow her on twitter for a series of embarrassing quotes and life moment.

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