Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

He was so young!
He was so young!

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! The day has arrived. The big 1-9. Now, if you are American, I’m sure you are wondering what the significance is of this birthday. I mean, all 19 means in America is that you’re an extra year further from jailbait, and if you are a smoker, you can buy cigarettes in the state of New Jersey. Not much else changes in your social life. However, in Canadian society, 19 is the equivalent of 21. So yes, Justin Bieber is now allowed to drink in every Canadian province, and not just Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec. Those three allow people to drink at 18, as the country has no national mandate on prohibition. Justin Bieber can legally get smashed in his native Ontario, or if he gets stranded in the prairies of Saskatchewan.

We've all been there, pal. Welcome to adulthood!
We’ve all been there, pal. Welcome to adulthood!

Now, I am not encouraging the overconsumption of alcohol, but if there is a night to get blackout drunk, it is definitely the night it becomes legal. Especially because someone like Justin Bieber will be surrounded by responsible adults that he is paying to make sure he doesn’t get alcohol poisoning. Sure, they are just his bodyguards and not a special sobriety task force, but at least we know our beloved Biebs will survive the night. So have fun, Justin. Be safe and enjoy your birthday! We expect some fun party tracks to come out of this experience.


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