Game of Thrones Spoilers Season 3!: The Red Wedding

Alright, you “Thrones” fans! Time for some juicy spoilers! As you know, Game of Thrones is underway with Season 3! Recently, spoilers hit the net and I can tell you this much: this season is going to be filled with LOTS of blood and you guessed it! A whole lot of drama!

We believe the big spoiler that must be addressed is that The Red Wedding is finally upon us. Calling all fans of the book series! Please report here! Anyone who has read A Song of Ice and Fire knows exactly what we’re talking about. This event in this magnificent series could very well shock, dazzle, or amaze the fans of this show.

What we can tell you is when this huge event will occur. The Red Wedding will be the ninth episode in season 3. David Nutter, who has directed shows like Entourage, The Mentalist, & Eastwick will direct that specific episode. Who’s ready for the wedding that will go down in infamy? We will not give away very much, but there’s a reason why when George R. R. did a recent interview, he stated that he may just have to get up and leave the country after this goes down.

Mark it in your calendars! Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres March 31st, 2013 on HBO!

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