It’s Elvis Week on The Late Show

I’m here to break up all the Taylor Swift news Sarah is bombarding you with….so here’s some Elvis new!

This week, if you haven’t seen for yourself, it’s Elvis week on The Late Show with David Letterman. Every night, Letterman is featuring an Elvis tribute artist, in honor of the late great King of Rock and Roll. Monday night, my mind was blown by Cody Ray Slaughter, who literally made me feel as though Elvis had never aged or left this earthly world. Seriously, I thought that it was him and he just changed his name.


You can and should catch the performance here. Watch as Cody Ray Slaughter mimics some of the king’s greatest pieces of choreography, from the swivel of his hips to standing on the points of his shoes. No people, Michael Jackson was not the first to do that one. His vocal work was also amazing and if he sang in a lower key, he would be a perfect replica. The energy of the performance and sheer happiness of the performers was almost a transcendent experience as you could actually feel it, just from sitting at home.

I also thought having the entire band in matching Jailhouse Rock costumes was a really nice touch and the attention to detail did not go unnoticed. I also liked the fact that the entire band even had the same hairstyle. The uniformity mixed with the wild and crazy rock vibe made for a very unique and enjoyable performance. And that was just the first night! It’s going to continue all week, and I highly recommend watching. If anything, you are surely going to feel like you fell through an entertaining nostalgia time warp, which is always a fun way to spend the evening.

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