One Direction’s “Kiss You” Premieres Today

Who’s ready for our favorite group of Brits to release their next video later today? Personally, I’ve been waiting for this video since the video for “Little Things” came out, which I’ll just put right here because we all know there’s no way you’ve seen those swoon-worthy faces too many times yet.

There you go, you’re welcome.

Well you’ve all probably been counting down the day until One Direction’s “Kiss You” video comes out and all the teasers they’ve been giving us have definitely not been helping! It’s finally time! We’ve seen the boys as old-school sailers, jailbirds, surfers, and even on skis. And if we know anything about these boys we know they like to have a good time, and this video looks like exactly that, a good time.

So make sure you check back later for the official “Kiss You” video from the one and only One Direction!

Sarah Rzasa is a writer and a self proclaimed pretend social media guru. She spends most of her time hopelessly plotting how she can turn her life into an episode of Sex and the City over a coconut iced coffee. Most recently she has been labled, “A cool adult who likes One Direction.” She’s still unsure what to make of that. Follow her on twitter for a series of embarrassing quotes and life moment.

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