One Direction’s Getting A Fragrance, Finally!

Not only are the cuties in this new boy band working charity events, touring and making new music but now they are also coming out with a new fragrance! Who said that boys don’t know their cosmetics? Here are the One Direction boys more than ready to prove people wrong.

What is hotter than having these boys helping create a fragrance? Now, so far, we don’t know much about this fragrance, but according to Marie Claire, a source involved in helping with this creation, the fragrance will have a sweet and floral scent.  With this new perfume coming out, 1D has one too many projects on their hands and we hope that they will all succeed. The idea of this fragrance is very interesting and a marketing approach that not many other boy bands have dared to take. The idea behind this new perfume is to start to set a 1D trademark, the way artists like JLO, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, have done throughout the years.

To my surprise, this new fragrance is being added to an already existing line of fun One Direction branded items, such as dolls, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and UGG boots. Now, they have officially announced their deal with Olivann Beauty for their very first 1D scent. Although it’s name is still a mystery, we are very excited to hear about this new fragrance coming out as it is mostly targeted for the ladies! If One Direction recommends it as an attractive fragrance, I am more than sure that just like JB’s new fragrance – “Girlfriend”, it’ll be a big hit that will drive the ladies crazy.

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