Dexter is Entering its Final Season

In case you have yet to catch up on last season’s Dexter, I’m issuing a spoiler alert. At the end of last season, Dexter fans were left with a shift in the dynamic. Deb took the biggest step toward embracing Dexter, and all that comes with his life. And, in an effort to not sound cryptic, I’m going to take a minute thank whoever made the call in the writer’s room to get rid of LaGuerta. She got really annoying, really fast. Just saying.

However, after an ending like that and with all of the little dangling loose ends, it was obvious to any fan that Dexter was running out of places to go. I mean this literally and figuratively, of course. So, it should be no surprise to fans that Dexter is entering its final season.

“CBS Corp. chief executive Les Moonves told investors Monday that the upcoming eighth season of Showtime’s popular Michael C. Hall series will be its last,” according to yesterday’s NY Daily News. The paper also reported an impressive list of guest stars including Liev Schreiber, which is something to look forward to. Now, I know that final season really means there is no holding back. The show could very well turn into an anything goes, former shell of itself or it could go back to basics and just clean up the mess that they’ve made. I love the show, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still not over the lack of fear induced by the Dexter painting from two seasons ago. A serial killer referred to Dexter as the devil in a painting. It may as well have been a painting of a pot calling a kettle black. It literally elicited the same amount of fear in me as the damn Mona Lisa. Nothing. Not even a chill. Borderline laughable.

There was definitely storyline redemption last season, but I want to see this show end with the dark dignity that it deserves when it comes back this June. They laid out the groundwork for potential greatness in the final season. I still have high hopes and am looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up.


Julia Cuozzo is a recent graduate from the Pace University MS in Publishing program. Though the future is uncertain, the one thing she knows is that in August 2013, she will be in Bunol, Spain, throwing tomatoes with some of the best tomato throwers in the world. She is also a huge fan of coffee and finds decaf to be an abomination.

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