Dee Dee Ramone: Memorial Exhibition in LA!

Subliminal Projects presents a multifunctional gallery space promoting diverse forms of art by Dee Dee Ramone which opened Friday (10/26/12) at Echo Park, LA at 8pm.

This exhibition is to mark the 10th anniversary of Dee Dee Ramone’s death which was on June 5, 2002. He was found dead in 2002 in his L.A. home, the victim of an apparent drug overdose. He is buried in the Hollywood Forever cemetary. This exhibition is also celebrating the influence Dee Dee has left on the punk rock music movement.

Dee Dee was best known as the bassist, songwriter, and one of the founding members of the legendary American punk rock band, the Ramones. Dee Dee was the band’s most prolific lyricist and songwriter, writing many of the band’s most well-known songs, such as “53rd & 3rd,” “Commando,” “Rockaway Beach,” and “Poison Heart.”

These paintings are highly reflective of his personality through their rebellious, humorous and dynamic aesthetic. These will be on display in a show at Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery in Echo Park scheduled to run Oct. 26 through Nov. 17.

This painting is actually my favorite. It shows Dee Dee’s comedic side and it’s absolutely creative and different. So if you’re in the LA area, definitely visit this exhibition! East coasters such as myself will just admire from afar. The paintings are open to the public until November 20th, so hurry!
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