Daylight Savings Time Retrotrip

Everyone enjoys the extra hour of Daylight Savings Time a little differently. Some people enjoy spending the extra hour at the bar, while others enjoy utilizing that extra hour for more practical things, such as sleep. I, personally enjoy watching TV shows from the 90′s and pretend I’m time traveling. We all have our things. Last night, my time travel experience consisted of cold and sinus medicine and the following classics:

Hey Arnold: Season 1 Episode 3: Arnold’s Hat/ The Stoop Kid

This episode still lives in infamy. How do you not know the epic chant of “Stoop Kid’s afraid to leave his stoop!” This was inevitably followed by the chant ” Stoop Kid’s gonna leave his stoop” after Arnold provided inspiration in the form of pictures of famous stoops from around the world. Simplified message: Conquer your fears. People like that.

The Rugrats Movie: You can judge me all you want, but the central themes of this movie bring me right back through time when my own little brother was a baby and I found him to be a highly unreasonable child, to say the least. Anyway, no matter how old you are, the show deserves a second look, and if you don’t have time for the movie, the series is also available on Netflix.

The Tudors: Marathon until I fell asleep

One of my favorite series of all time. Fantastic acting, stories, and costumes made this show amazing and I actually own every season on DVD although I’m pretty sure you can find them on Netflix. It’s not remotely close to a 90′s show, but it totally flowed with my time travel motif because Henry VIII and all of his wives are seriously an aspect of real historical drama that is beyond anything we know today. How many guys do you know that can reform an entire country’s religious beliefs based on whom he has feelings for? Anne Boleyn knew what she was doing, and she didn’t even have to show a premarital knee cap to get her man to commit. Think about it.

How did you spend your extra hour?

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